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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Ah! Strawberries make Sundays better, don't they?

Okay! I am sorry I didn't keep my last post promise but I wasn't going to leave you all mouth watering over my Strawberry desserts. I mean, I am not that evil. 
So even though it is two days late... I hope you can still enjoy it. 

Indeed, Strawberries are if anything Glory at its most. 

What I've done with this weeks Kilo of Strawberries is a delightful little sauce-pudding-sort-of-mixture that found it's way into two different styles of desserts. Know, originally, this Strawberry sauce-pudding was supposed to be an "espuma" but then I found out I need this thing called "easy whip" so it couldn't be done the way it was supposed to be done. But I am quite happy with the results n.n 
even when failing in attempting to make one dessert earns me just another culinary gadget to add to my Christmas wish list.

One of this particular forms of dessert was quite a hit within my family, even dad liked it "Restaurant quality stuff" the man said. Although I seriously doubt my culinary skills, the idea of having a restaurant of my own was inspired, more so, when I visited this new plaza (Citycenter esmeralda) that has such a lovely view I swear my bistro would look pretty nice there.
Impossible, right? But hey! you are talking to the woman who is improving her first MS (book) and that aspires to be beat Meyer's and Rowling's success. So NO dream is big enough for my head n.n 

But then again, writer and chef? not a combination for success one might think... even more when actual gastronomy is such an exact form of art, I mean, did you know that there are names for types of slices you cut? it is true I swear! Just learned of it. 
It seems like such an exact science and for all of those out there who know me, know that exact science and awesomely me DO NOT MIX.
But then again, who knows, right? 

Okay Okay, I've had it with the mouth watering it is driving me mad! On with the recipe! 
now even though there are two pictures and two different dessert there is one recipe alone, the one thing that does differ however, is the presentation. 
(Does that make me sound professional? or cocky?) 

Strawberry Glory

1 kilo of Strawberries. 
1 can of condensed milk
1/4 cup of water. 
1/2 can of evaporated milk. 

And this, is how you turn simple ingredients into culinary ecstasy: 

1. Pour the water and the strawberries into the blender and mix for about 1 minute. Then pass the mixture into a bowl through a strainer.

I am actually quite pleased with this pic. It didn't need any PS enhancing what so ever and it came up all pretty red and stuff n.n 

2. Stir the strawberry mixture before adding the condensed and the evaporated milk.
Once you've added both of the milks the strawberry will become less red and turn into a pretty shade of my sister's bedroom pink. 

3. Then you put it in the fridge and let it rest for a few hours. 

Know, strawberries do well with almost every other fruit out there. My choice is banana. 

For the cup presentation I crushed some crackers to make a sort of crust, then I added the strawberry sauce-pudding before adding some more crushed crackers and chopped bananas and I also sprinkled some crackers on top of it. And man oh man, it's glory!! 
For the other presentation, I re-made the Postre de Limon recipe and simply added the Strawberry sauce on top, giving it a new summery edge to the dessert. 
Delicious. Love it! 

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  1. jajaja deliciosoo!! bueno de menos suena asi jajaj oye y me gusta como lo redactas bien padreeee jajaj tq! sofi