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Sunday, 6 November 2011

November takes over and I take control over the kitchen!

Well... my days as a hard working gal are officially over. I resigned my job a few weeks ago since I found it ever so hard to work and read and write essays for my English Literature Diploma. And though it kind of sucks leaving I kind of like the fact that I'll be cooking in my own place again. 
I'm sure going to miss the guys I worked with, after all, hanging with hilarious people all day is always a good thing. Plus, they treated me awesomely. 
Roasted leg of lamb with veggies.
Once again I bow at the awesomeness that is: Jamie Oliver... followed one of his recipes and it was a delicious success! 
Yoghurt, cilantro seeds, cumin, pepper, salt, garlic, cilantro... all go heavenly with lamb. 

Being terribly and awfully honest... 
I'm thrilled to back in my own kitchen.