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Friday, 10 September 2010

Chiles en Nogada!

Oh yeah viewers, followers and random people who are reading this... 
I, Andrea Fernandez made Chiles en Nogada, an ancestral Mexican dish that is sure to leave people awestruck after tasting the complex sweet flavor this dish has to offer. 
So for all of you people out there who think Mexican food is all about tacos and burritos and that is it: you are in for a delicious surprise. 

Ah... Chiles en Nogada... 

Never in my entire 19 years of existence did I ever imagine I would be successful with this recipe, let alone I would venture into making it. Even after I discovered the joy and mischief of my kitchen it never crossed my mind. Only available in the patriotic month (September) Chiles en Nogada is a highly important dish. Really is the flying colors of Mexican Cuisine. 

The night before this one I had a nightmare... I actually dreamed I screwed the Chiles over. 
had that happened to me... I never worried so much over a meal... EVER.

And after offering a prayer to the Gods of Food and Wine I set out to work. 

Chiles en Nogada. 
serves 6.


Picadillo or stuffing: 

1/3 cup of vegetable oil. 
2 garlic cloves peeled. 
1 kg. of minced pork meat. 
(it is important to note it should only be minced once.) 
1/2 cup of onions. 
1 cup of water. 
1 tomato pured. 
1 cup of almonds. 
(which should be left to soak on water a least one night) 
1/8 teaspoon of ground cloves. 
1/8 teaspoon of ground cinnamon. 
1/8 teaspoon of ground black pepper.
Pinch of salt. 
1 cup of chopped Peaches. (Yellow peaches)  
1 cup of chopped Apples. (Manzanas Panocheras) 
1 cup of San Juan Pear. 
1 cup of platain. 
1 cup of chopped acitron. 
50g pine nuts. 
two tablespoons of white Vinegar. 

6 Poblano Chilies. 


12 Walnuts peeled. 
1 cup of double cream. 
1/2 cup cream cheese.
Dash of Nutmeg. 
1 cup of Sugar. 
A handful of Almonds. 



Work that magic: 

1. In a wide skillet heat the oil and fry one of the cloves. 

Once the clove is fried get half of the onions in and wait a few seconds before adding the meat. 

(Since the oil should be hot by now it will jump a lot so be careful.) 

2.Add half of the water and cover it for some 5 minutes. 

3. Now on a different skillet warm up some oil and fry the remaining garlic clove. 

4. Once the oil is fried add the remaining onions followed by the tomato. Let it cook for 5 minutes. 

5. Once the tomato is cooked add the almonds, the ground pepper, cinnamon and cloves. Wait a few minutes before setting it aside. 
( I used chopped tomato but the recipe calls for a pure, but it worked out fine) 

6. Add the tomato mixture with the meat and allow the flavors to blend together, this will probably take around 5 minutes. 

7. Using the same skillet and garlic pour some oil and wait for it to heat up, then add the fruits except of the platain. 

8. Put a lid on top and wait for them to cook. 

9. In a different saucepan heat some oil and fry the platain. Now this step should only be followed if you are willing to "capear" de chilies if you aren't feel free to fry all the fruits together. 


10. Pour the fruits into the meat skillet adding the acitron, vinegar and pine nuts at the end. 

There you go, the filling of the legendary Chiles en Nogada in 10 "easy" steps. 


Pour the walnuts, nutmeg, double cream, cream cheese, almonds and sugar into the blender and pulse until everything is combined. 


The chilies should have their skin peeled and deseeded completely. 


Fill the chilies with the picadillo, pour some Nogada on them and sprinkle lovely pomergranate on them. 

Easier said than done!

The preparation for the chilies (skin off and deseeded process shall be posted tomorrow) 

Comments much appreciated!