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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

I wonder what would be of me if I lived near the coast...

Ah! The heat... while some people (my boyfriend and sister) find this June terribly awfully hot, I find it lovely. 
Not only is everything getting green and the sky is always blue with white clouds, but I don't have to wear socks to bed anymore n.n which is great! I love sleeping without socks and wake-up without a soar throat. It is brilliant for me. 
And let us face it, Hot weather always gets me on this Caribbean-mood, and I don't just mean wanting to put a swimming suit and buy one of those kiddie pools they sell on the supermarket, I mean cooking in that sort of vibe. I am talking: Fresh, lemony, vibrant, exotic seafood.
And just, how lovely and brilliant seafood is? Am I right? Of course I am right. 
So, I humbly bring to you this over the top, A-maaa-zing, beautiful dish: 
I give you 

Red Snapper fillets wrapped in fried banana coconut balls 
otherwise known as:
The Delish Balls.

You shall be needing: 

2 fillets Red Snapper fillets. 
(Now, I actually used 4, which was a mistake. You can use 4 fillets but then you should probably use twice the amount of banana as well) 
2 Platains (A.K.A the big ripe bananas)
1/4 of a Red-Purple Onion
1 Clove of Garlic.
1 half of a dry Guajillo Chile. 
Olive Oil.
Lemon Juice. 
Dry Coconut.
One ripe Avocado. 
Salt && Pepper.   

Let us begin: 

1. First chop your platains --bananas, in big chunky slices, like so: 
Next in a deep pan, pour in some water and once it starts boiling add the bananas and leave them there for a while. You want to leave them there until they soften up, because as you already know (or will find out once you cut the platain) it is actually a very hard-ish type of banana.

This will probably take around 15 minutes or so, 

2. Meanwhile, chop your onion in small delicate pieces, your garlic and chile. 

3. In a previously hot skillet, drizzle it with some olive oil and add the onion. Once it begins to have a certain golden color add the chile and the garlic. (Know I played a very nice trick here, my mom had roasted some tomatoes and green chile in that same skillet, so I stole it once she was done with it and didn't wash it, hence, keeping the tomato and chile flavor) 

See that? Delicious. 

3. Once your ingredients are nicely cooked add your fish and just let it take in the smell and favor of the mix. 
Once your fish are nicely cooked, place it in a small bowl and add the lemon juice. 

4. Now let us get back to our bananas. You'll know it is time to take them out because a) they'll be loads softer and b) they'll be a lot more yellow. 

Now, peel your bananas. 
I actually enjoyed doing this bit a lot because of the "tails" They looked so pretty. 
Almost like a flower. 

Of course you need to be careful peeling them. You actually need to wait a bit, otherwise they'll be too hot and you'll burn yourself, which is always such an embarrassing deal.
Also you need to do a vertical cut to make this easier. 

5. Next you need to pure your bananas. 

6. Make the banana balls. 
Now this is a lot more harder than I first thought it would be, but it was so much fun as well n.n 
Okay once you have pured the bananas you need to take this small quantity and try to convert it into a small ball.
You also need to use a plastic paper bag or something and drizzle it with a bit of olive oil and place the banana ball on it. Fold the bag over the ball and pat it. Unfold the bag and place some small bits of the fish into them.
Slowly, begin folding the paper so you make the ball. This is quite difficult because you need to mold the ball using the bag.
Your result? 

Ugly sort of round looking banana balls.

7. Okay know you pass them over the dry coconut. Make sure your coconut is cold, because it will make the ball easier to mold and hold. 

8. In the same pan you boiled the bananas, pour some Canola oil and let it heat up before adding the balls. (Of course you need to rid the pan of the water you used before) 
Fry'em balls!

Chop the Avocado in nice thin slices. Pour some lemon juice and season with Salt&&Pepper.
And by all means, EAT!

Comments much appreciated