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Monday, 14 November 2011

Ah, November

I know I know 
Terrible picture... taken with my BBcam and not with my real camara because I lost it (worry not I found it yesterday just after there were no more rolls to photograph...). 
Anyway, being back in my own kitchen is fabulous! I get to cook and bake and the best part is I get to read while I wait for things ;) Wicked Awesome, huh? 
Also, I started with Mexican Cuisine Module in school, so I am having a blast! And have already made my peace with the annoying fact that my stomach will forever burn for the next 3 months or so. 
Don't you hate when you have a sensitive stomach?! My heart loves chilli but unfortunately for me my digestive system doesn't agree... nor does my skin because it burns when I grab a chilli and then accidentally touch my face... 
But it's been a blast in school lately! Last week we made out first mole and we used a Molcajete and a Metate   Which although exhausting was loads of fun! And really cool to experience how people use to cook in Mexico back in the old days. 
Today we made a Poblano Mole and a really delicious Almond Atole with a touch of whisky (which was superb let me tell you!). 

The buns in the picture are cinnamon buns baked earlier last week, cinnamon and November love each other and who the hell am I to keep them from being together, right?