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Monday, 14 November 2011

Ah, November

I know I know 
Terrible picture... taken with my BBcam and not with my real camara because I lost it (worry not I found it yesterday just after there were no more rolls to photograph...). 
Anyway, being back in my own kitchen is fabulous! I get to cook and bake and the best part is I get to read while I wait for things ;) Wicked Awesome, huh? 
Also, I started with Mexican Cuisine Module in school, so I am having a blast! And have already made my peace with the annoying fact that my stomach will forever burn for the next 3 months or so. 
Don't you hate when you have a sensitive stomach?! My heart loves chilli but unfortunately for me my digestive system doesn't agree... nor does my skin because it burns when I grab a chilli and then accidentally touch my face... 
But it's been a blast in school lately! Last week we made out first mole and we used a Molcajete and a Metate   Which although exhausting was loads of fun! And really cool to experience how people use to cook in Mexico back in the old days. 
Today we made a Poblano Mole and a really delicious Almond Atole with a touch of whisky (which was superb let me tell you!). 

The buns in the picture are cinnamon buns baked earlier last week, cinnamon and November love each other and who the hell am I to keep them from being together, right? 

Sunday, 6 November 2011

November takes over and I take control over the kitchen!

Well... my days as a hard working gal are officially over. I resigned my job a few weeks ago since I found it ever so hard to work and read and write essays for my English Literature Diploma. And though it kind of sucks leaving I kind of like the fact that I'll be cooking in my own place again. 
I'm sure going to miss the guys I worked with, after all, hanging with hilarious people all day is always a good thing. Plus, they treated me awesomely. 
Roasted leg of lamb with veggies.
Once again I bow at the awesomeness that is: Jamie Oliver... followed one of his recipes and it was a delicious success! 
Yoghurt, cilantro seeds, cumin, pepper, salt, garlic, cilantro... all go heavenly with lamb. 

Being terribly and awfully honest... 
I'm thrilled to back in my own kitchen. 

Thursday, 6 October 2011

I heart Whipped Cream

Do you know what's more heavenly than pumpkin pie? 
Pumpkin Pie with whipped cream. 
And you know what's the secret for unbelievable whipped cream? The one that makes you smile? Like really smile and go OhmyGod with your mouth full? 
A chilled bowl. 

And that's about it. Just add your cream the icing sugar, beat and voila! Gorgeous! 
Gorgeously delicious whipped cream. 

Monday, 3 October 2011

My first ever sloppy joes!

I'd never made sloppy joes before. Mainly because I thought them to be boring. 
However, I woke up with a feeling, an "I want to cook something different today" feeling. And against all my prejudices and wrong attitude I made sloppy joes. 
And I wasn't all that much disappointed, I mean it isn't the best thing I've done but it is the kind of food that's easy to make and will feed a crowd. I am thinking kids birthday parties or when you have friends over. 
Or when you want to have a quick easy dinner that will ultimately make you feel good. 
Because this is comfort food. 
It's the kind of food that makes you feel homely. 
The kind of food that had my mom made it for me when I was a kid, I would probably love and declare it the best ever. 

Monday, 26 September 2011

Say hello to the pie season!

There are no words to express how happy I felt when this baby came out of the oven. 
At first I was slightly scared because it looked like a bomb ready to explode, but it all turned out okay and
quite good. 
I would have preferred it to be a little be more sugary and sweet, but then again I am crazy about sugar. 
The recipe was taken from Martha Stewart's Pies and Tarts Recipe book. 
The pumpkin pure was done from scratch... YAY me! 

Monday, 19 September 2011

Oooh My Sweet God!

First allow me to apologize for my extreme excitement but you need to understand that the these(referring to the pic bellow this text.) is a very uncommon sight where I live in. Or maybe it was common and I hadn't realized it yet because my interest in cooking started not-so-long ago. 
But man oh man was I ecstatic when I came across this huge pile of pumpkins in my local supermarket.  

And you know what came to mind? Everything I could create with them!  
And then of course, the three babies that made my day... 

Sugar Pumpkins = ? PUMPKIN PIE OF COURSE! 
It's not even October and I will be able to indulge myself and my family and new and old friendships with the deliciousness of homemade pumpkin pie. 

Do I hear your mouths watering already!? 

A huge apology for the crappy photos... they were taken with my mobile so they could reach facebook and twitter in time ;) 

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


I am awesome, 
So the wonderful pretty state of Puebla (where this delicious Mexican Chillies were first created...) has stated that the Chiles en Nogada season is officially back. YAY! 
And I just had to give a go at this delicious teat another time. 
Practice makes perfect and having cooked for over a year... let's just say that my time 
has been greatly invested n.n 

I made the Nogada my way this time n.n And had loads of fun experimenting in the lab --otherwise called the kitchen, with yummy ingredients I thought would work out with the sauce. 
I made the stuffing with little variations of the original I made last year and it all turned out all right. 
The only thing that might've changed was that I didn't clean the Chilies really well this time, 
so they were slightly hot.
But they were delicious, absolutely delicious! 

These were a joy to eat! 

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Cupcake Time!

So this is my attempt on Red Velvets. They do not look red BUT they do taste delicious. They don't look red because I didn't use as much food colourant as I should have. But I am just afraid I'll run out of the pretty colours... how ridiculous am I? 
Hey! Woah-woah-woah!
That was a rhetorical question guys... geez...

Yummy is an understatement, these little cupcakes were sublime! 
Not exactly chocolate but not vanilla either. And that sweet buttermilk taste... and the cream cheese frosting! Oh my! I'm gonna go and grab one now. 

Thursday, 11 August 2011

**sigh** So what? Right?!

"So What" from Pink has to be the anthem for all of us brokenhearted girls. Nice to get it out like that. Sorry if I have shocked you with such straightforwardness. 
 Last Monday my chest was cut opened and my heart ripped out, then thrown on the floor and stumped on. I think he even spit on it a bit. 

Remember that awesome boyfriend I so often post about? Hell the post bellow this one is a clear example of all the love I feel for him. I often brag about how amazing and blah-blah-blah he was to me and silly little things like that. And... I am not trying to romantize my previous relationship or anything, but it was. He was sweet and awesome and stuff... until he broke up with me. 
In a most gentleman-ish way ¬ ¬
I gave him three years of my life, almost four, and what I got in return was an untitled notepad document that consisted in almost four lines in which at least two and a half were made out of never-ending ellipsis...
Talk about true love, right? 
Anyway. Let's not get all sad and angry on my account. You came because of the awesome pasta picture on the top and so I introduce to you: 

The Spinach Wonder. 

Fettuccine seasoned with a lil' bit of garlic, white wine, honey mustard and nice mushy spinach. With a little salt and pepper and cheese   

Monday, 11 July 2011

Vacations + love + distance = Ican'twaittoseeyou Muffins

Right... so I am in love... a lot of people know that. But to those of you that don't I am very much in love
and though I would like to say that I am in love with cooking and baking and eating (which, don't get me wrong to a certain degree I am) I am more in love with a guy. 
A guy I've known for a long-long time. 
And though he may sometimes unleash the man-eating-beast inside of me he always manages to reduce the wrath before I increase my fun size and begin destroying the city and eating innocent people... 

I went to Houston for a couple of days and my boyfriend was in Austin during that same time, expect he got to stay a couple of more days there. Work related stuff. And I came home and I was sort of missing him today and the day before and the day before that and the day before that, so in a very much predictable way, I decided to bake my missingness away n.n 
And it worked! 
Part of my success may be because he is coming back tomorrow xD and the other because this muffins were sinfully glorious! 

A banana-white chocolate muffin with white chocolate topping xD
Yum, right? 

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Work and a totally delicious Strawberry kind of cheescake

Hello, beautiful followers and random people are reading this. 
I apologize, yet once again, for being such a terrible blogger. 
However! Rejoice! 
For I have great news and a great recipe to share with you all n.n 

I have landed an awesome job... that I do for free... 
I guess you could call it a kind of Social Service that needs to be done so I can get my diploma from my cooking lessons, that are in reality a sort of Associates Degree kind of thing. 
Anyway... I landed an awesome job at this really nice, beautiful, really fun place called: La Estacion, Comida de Mercado. 
Now if you go back a few posts to January, you'll find that I spent New Years Eve at this same restaurant and that I fell in love with it, and surprise surprise I work there now! 
And I L O V E it! 
And even though I am the only girl, female, working there and it gets a little uncomfortable at times. I just love it. I've learned some tricks over the last weeks and have been so inspired I am sort of writing a Mexican Cookbook based on my experience in this restaurant and stuff. 
I've been there the last couple of weeks, so I've reduced my cooking hours at home quite a lot.
Yet I found the time to make this awesome kind of cheesecake! 

It turned out to be really really good. 

The crust so simple to do but extremely satisfying: 
I used icing sugar, butter and flour. Mixed them all together until I got a sandy-like appearance. Stuffed it in the fridge for an hour. 

The filling:
Is your regular cream cheese beaten with icing sugar and lemon drops until smooth and nice and tasty. 
with chopped strawberries (and I added bananas too).

The topping:
Are just graham crackers crushed into tiny nice pieces.

Easy and lovely! Just the way I like it! 

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Sick of being sick...

Is there anything worse than being sick!? 
Of course there is! 
There are thousands of millions of things that are worse than being sick! 
But for some reason, this rational thought seems lo leave us every single time we get sick. 
Take me for example, I got sick today. 
My ENTIRE family have been sick for the last two weeks. Sore throat, runny nose, cough, you know. I had counted myself as really lucky because so far I hadn't caught the virus-bacteria-whateverthehellismakingmesickrightnow. 
But mom decided to be ultra nice to me yesterday and coughed all over me and VOILA as easy as putting a cake batter in the oven, I got sick. 
I woke up with a sore throat and my voice has been reduced to nothing. 
And I hate it. 
I've been vomiting all day, not been able to hold anything in my stomach and I haven't been able to rest. 
I am so disgusting right now I have a small trash bin beside my bed in case I begin coughing and it comes out with a surprise.
Yes, that's how disgusting I am right now. 
Because being sick turns me into this disgusting excuse of a human. 
It's even sad. 
I missed out of making a chocolate mousse in school today because of it. 
I am in pain and sleepy and look like a zombie. 
**attempting to sigh** 
I can't wait to go back into the Kitchen... 

Monday, 16 May 2011

Hearty Meal

In my humble opinion, nothing can compare with a hearty meal and a final episode of a great series. In my case, Season's 6 finale of Greys Anatomy. 
I know, some of you, like my father will be all like: EWWW
But we all know that that's not real blood! 
Plus, I've been watching this kind of shows since I was really young so I guess you could say I am used to it. 

Haha I just realized that I named my post HEARTY meal and ironically enough the episode I'm watching is when Derek gets shot on the chest. 

Okay so anyway, my meal of the day consisted on this really nice Aglioli Pasta with some tomato-honey chicken. 
Sounds weird, when I say it and you read it like that. But please oh please trust me when I say it was ultra delicious. 

For the pasta you just need some Spagetti, Olive Oil, Garlic, and about 50ml of the cooking water. 
For the Chicken you need: Chicken Breast cut into long slices (like for a chicken tender), a couple of dry tomatoes, Olive Oil, A clove of garlic and runny honey. 

So you put your water to cook the pasta and wait until it boils. 
Meanwhile, cut your tomato and your garlic (for the chicken) really thinly and small and add a little bit of olive oil, salt and ground pepper, and crunch it all up together with your hands. 
Next, add a pinch of salt to the water before adding your pasta. 
While your pasta cooks, rub your chicken on your tomato mixture and roll them up and pin it together so you have a roll with a tooth pick. 
Place a pan in medium heat add a little bit of olive oil and wait for it to heat up. 
I suppose, that your pasta should be done by now, so drain it but save some of the cooking water. 
Next add a nice drizzle of olive oil to another pan and heat it, add the garlic (which should be finely sliced) and wait for it to get some nice colour and when it does add your pasta, season, and toss it around the pan. Have a taste. 
Now add your chicken to the pan and cook it, it should take around 8 minutes (if your slices are thin like mine) while they are cooking add the honey, around a table spoon on each of your rolls.  
Turn them over and add some more honey on the other side. 
When your chicken is done, serve it over your pasta, turn on the TV and the DVD and pop in your favourite series finale and enjoy yourself. 

Now that I think it over, this recipe should have been posted on a lazy Friday, not Monday n.n 

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

I love my mom...

10 de Mayo is nationally known here in Mexico as Mother's Day. 
And it's not like I like to fall into gigantic sea of people who only say 'I love you' or do special stuff for their mom on this one day. BUT I did take it as an excuse to make a super special cake.

Meet, my fist EVER Layer Cake, which I shall call: 

A Lily's Mini Cake. 

And this is how my mom left it n.n 
She liked it. 

It has 5 layers. 
 The first layer (from bottom to top) is made out of dark chocolate, followed by a Almond-Vanilla one, then another layer of chocolate, then a caramel layer and finally a chocolate and final layer. 
(My mom is crazy about chocolate). 
And it's all covered with dark-milk chocolate ganache. 
Yumm? Right? 

I know it doesn't look all that pretty and beautiful as all the other layer cakes you find it foodgawker, who still WONT accept any of my pics... but its delicious and it was fun to make. 
And would do it again without any amount of hesitation. 

You will notice the ugly spot in my pics... My camara needs cleaning, expected since it is used by a photographer who deals with food before taking the photo... 

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Sunday = Relaxed meal

One of the best things about cooking for my sister, mom and dad
is that tremendous amount satisfaction I get when I see their puppy stomachs all puffed 
after eating. 
It means they ate too much because it was too good. 

My sister had asked me to make some pizza along this past week and gladly I decided to do it on a Sunday. 
And yesterday, I decided I would also make a pasta dish, and it was quite obvious which one I was going to choose. I love meatballs. 
This is my second serving. I forgot to take a pic of the first one because I was so hungry taking pictures didn't seem to matter. 

My mom (who is the best mom ever, just so you know.) decided to add olives to her plate. And it looked pretty nice so I took a pic n.n 

Here is the pizza!
Which didn't last long either...

It's a soft crust pizza, personally I like crunchy crust better. But I made this for my baby sister because she is under a lot of stress because she's in examinations week. Which we all know, is quite stressing. So I wanted her to at least forget for one tiny moment about the examinations and delight herself with some good old home cooking. 
And the dough was a combination of me, Jamie Oliver <3 and school. And it turned out quite good. I honestly thought I had screw the yeast over but I didnt n.n my dough rose as if I it'd been sleep deprived and I poured in REDBULL. 
Actually, there was some dough left and it is still rising! Don't know what to do about that... 

Leave a comment! They make me happy!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

I heart Rhubarb & multicoloured Tomatoes

So I made this rhubarb crumble sort of pie the other day. Sunday. And I hadn't been able to take pics of it until today. And when I went to get it o.o surprise surprise! 
Someone... a rhubarb ghost had eaten more than half of the pie! 

I was a little shocked and slightly disappointed. I really wanted to take some delicious looking pictures to show you people! 
Alas... that was not to be. 

However the rhubarb ghost did not get hold of my mini Rhubarb hand pies ;) 

Which were ultimately delicious. 

And then... multicoloured tomatoes pasta!

This pasta is so fragrant I swear someone ought to make a perfume with it! It is sweet and tangy and lemony and tomato-ish. It's exquisite. I really-really loved it. 
It is so good that my boyfriend who is at war with all this healthy (especially veggies!) liked it! 

At my cooking lessons I've had two chefs, one of them, who we will call Chef J is all about styling dishes in a sort of minimalistic way. The other one, Chef Louis, likes things in a more rustic way. 
Now I like both.
However, I do think this pasta is so rustic and beautiful it's a perfect dish for a family reunion. It is so full of colour and flavour and simple joy! It is amazing! Really worth it.

So to make this delicious looking pasta, you'll be needing: Different types of tomatoes, basil, thyme, oregano and marjoram. Salt&Pepper. Olive oil. Balsamic vinegar and butter. Obviously dry pasta too. 

And first think you do is put your cooking water for the pasta and heat it up and add your pasta into it, right? And just as the water begins to evaporate take a small bowl and place your butter along with the herbs and the balsamic vinegar until butter has melted and then squeeze in your tomatoes! And season!
And as soon as your pasta is done add it to your bowl of tomatoes and ENJOY! 


Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding = British Food!

I hope I am not alone when I say; I suffered from Royal Wedding Fever today! 
Being the massive England fan that I am n.n and adding my History Freak nature... well... I don't think I need to explain why I am posting something about it today. 

I had been thinking about making a kind of tea party, but I'd been wanting to make a proper British meal for a while. And that British Food Bible The Best of British Food copy by Pamela Gwyther had been seducing me ever since I heard about the Royal Engagement. 
So all credit for what I did today goes, of course, to her. 

And, of course I know that the simple dishes that I made for myself and my family have no comparison to what they must've eaten at Buckingham Palace during the reception. I imagine an old fashion kind of roasting dishes... but I haven't had time to google if the menu had been leaked and I am quite tired to do it now. After all, I fell asleep at 12:00 am and woke up again at 2:00 am (give or take a few minutes) and stayed awake, cheering and waving a make believe UK flag until 7:something am after I saw the second kiss. 
Which made go: Aaaw!

Oooh! Let's not forget about Catherine's dress n.n LOVED IT! I cannot post this post without mentioning how gorgeous I thought it was and how I am so influenced by it that I might change my idea of having my very own wedding at the beach and having it somewhere cold so I can wear sleeves too... 
What can a girl do? Right? 
Okay so add to my British fanatism and my History Freak nature an unhealthy obsession with wedding dresses. 
Funny individual am I not? 

All right All right! I'll stop blabbering about... 
And marvel yourselves with: 


Pretty to look at, a joy to eat and a so easy to make!


Here we go, you need: 

Vegetable oil
Large Potatoes
Fish Fillets 
Self-Raising flour
Cold Lager

-I am not putting quantities because it really depends on how much you want't to make and for how many people you are willing to cook. I used about 1 1/2 of flour and a Larger bottle. 

And you work the magic like so: 

1. First you heat up your oil so you can blanch your potatoes. And fry your potatoes (which should already be cut into fries) for about 8-10 minutes depending on their size, until softened but NOT coloured. 

2. Meanwhile season your fish fillets with a bit of salt and pepper and dust lightly with little flour. 

3. Make the thick batter by sieving the flour into a bowl with a little salt and whisking in most of the lager. The book says it should be as thick as double cream, mine wasn't that thick but it worked pretty well... 

4. Now dip one fish fillet in the batter and make sure it is evenly covered and very carefully place the fish in the hot oil, then repeat with the others. Cook for 8 to 10 minutes depending on the thickness of your fish and halfway through cooking time turn the fillet over. When it is done remove fish from saucepan and keep it warm.  

5. Fry up your fries!  

Okay okay so I'll be honest, you actually have to place the fries on the oven after blanching them. But I forgot to do this, if you try this recipe keep the fries in a warm oven before frying them again and let me know how it goes. 
My fries where really crispy and delicious!  

Have a good one!  

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Falling in love with Food...


Okay, maybe I am slightly overreacting a bit. 
What can I say? I am a tiny bit sad... someone said something to me on the last few days that really pissed me off. 
Remember I was taking cooking lessons? Well, I still am. But I don't know, somehow cooking during my lessons I don't feel all that excited than when I cook at home. 
I narrowed it down to the fact that my instructors don't really give me much to be excited about... nothing I do is completely right, there is always something wrong. ALWAYS. And okay fine. I am not a chef, and I am not so completely arrogant to believe that everything I cook is ultra delicious and perfect. 
BUT I would appreciate a pat on the back every now and again. 
And a little bit of excitement from their part as well. They seem bored... somehow... 
I know that the last two posts have been of dishes I have styled while at school. And in both of them I have said that normally I am not proud of most things I made expect for these small exceptions.
And maybe I am wrong, maybe the reason I don't feel proud of most that I do there is because, well, one I don't get a good old pat on the back and two there aren't things I am excited to cook. 
Normally, I see a recipe fall in love with it and try it out. 
In my lessons we get a recipe assigned and then we do it.

Well anyhow, I made this two on Easter and it helped me realized this.
Help me see, that, I shouldn't fall out of love with food. I should work on my relationship with food. Just as if it was a regular relationship and I want to make it work. 

So here is my first dish I made.  
My very own Fish Tacos with a mango cucumber salsa. 

A Salmon en croute 

Both really really good and terribly simple to make. 


Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Sort of Honey-Glazed Tuna

Okay I am going to be honest. 
I sometimes don't like what I do at my cooking classes, because it's all rushed and stuff, but I am quite proud of this Tuna. 

It was good and I managed to make it look pretty. 

Friday, 18 March 2011

Cooking Lessons and Food Styling

Okay, so I began taking this cooking lessons at a small cooking school near home. 
Up until now, I hadn't been particularly proud of anything I had made (given that I am still in basic cooking course) but today I was stunned. 

I styled this by myself n.n I loved it!

I'm sorry the pics don't look better but I took this with my mobile, so... 

Let me know what you think? 

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Cinnamon Rolls!

I have two words for this cinnamon roll recipe. 
Ultra Divine! 
I might have forgotten to add the eggs the recipe call for and burned the first batch, but my goodness! The second batch was sublime! 
Fresh from the oven. 

I found the recipe in foodgawker of course! (Who still won't accept any picture I try to post...) but that doesn't keep me from gawking at the delicious pictures other users post. 
This particular recipe comes from foodblogger:
Whom I give full credit for today's success!
Her instructions were easy to follow, and I must stress how brilliant her explanation for the frosting was! 

Of course, being the person that I am... I changed this up a bit when I decided to make the rolls. 

First off, I didn't add eggs  (2 eggs) not because I didn't want to, but because I forgot! 
This didn't seem to disrupt the recipe nor the taste. 
Second thing I changed was the time I allowed the dough to rise, which was less than an hour... 
And I added a little more time for the second rise (about 15 minutes)
For the frosting I reduced the time of beating, because I just couldn't wait to try them! And I added Vanilla beans instead of vanilla essence and Lemon zest instead of vanilla flavour. 
I think it works great. 

Let me know what you think! 

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Rhubarb Galette

Okay, so I found the secret to make an ultradelicious crust
that secret has a name, and that name is: Cornmeal. 
Oh yeah, by adding cornmeal to your pastry you'll be adding more than just flour... you're adding
I promise.

Rhubarb is pretty hard to find, some of you may remember my last post using Rhubarb was some time ago. And well, the reason for that is that it's too hard to find sometimes. You have to know where to look, and isn't it great that I now know? 
I'll be making a post of my every once in a while visits to Mexico's food jackpot. 
El Mercado de San Juan. 
You'll find everything there, from all sorts of meat to Rhubarb! Or Butternut squash! And this really really exquisite parmaham tortitas...
You know, the sort of things you don't get from your regular supermarket. 
Okay Okay enough talk, lets head to the recipe!

Rhubarb Galette. 

First you need to make your Cornmeal Pate Brisee (which is just fancy words for Ultradelicious crust!)

2 cups of all-purpose flour. 
1/2 cup of cornmeal. 
1 teaspoon of salt. 
about three tablespoons of sugar.
2 sticks of unsalted butter. 
1/4 to 1/2 of ice water. 

Okay so put the flour, the cornmeal, salt and sugar in and mix until combined. 
Add the butter and mix it until it resembles a coarse meal. 
With your mixing machine running add the ice water just until the dough holds.
Turn the dough in a clean surface and wrap the dough with cling film. Flatten them to form a disk. 
Refrigerate for an hour up to a day before you use them. 

Rhubarb Galette. 

1/4 cup of all purpose flour, plus more for work surface. 
1/2 recipe Cornmeal Pate Brisee
1 pound of Rhubarb, sliced. 
Juice of half a lemon. 
1/4 cup granulated sugar. 
Pinch of salt. 
Pinch of Ground Cinnamon. 
One freshly ground nutmeg. 

Preheat oven to 375 degree. 
In a lightly floured surface roll the dough into a disk. 
Next work the Rhubarb... 
Place it a bowl the rhubarb and add the lemon juice and toss to combine. 
In a medium bowl whisk together the flour, sugar, salt, cinnamon and nutmeg until well combined. 
Add the sugar mixture to the rhubarb and toss until well coated. 
Then add the Rhubarb to the pastry, place it right in the middle. Remember the Galette is a really rustic kind of pie/tart so don't worry if it doesn't look stylish. 
Once you place the Rhubarb in the middle of the pastry fold fold the borders, overlapping when necessary. 
Transfer to fridge for 20 minutes. 
Bake for 60-55 minutes. 

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy New Year! 2011

Well, first of all... 
Happy New Year!
Let us welcome this 2011 with this awesome post I got for you people. 
I can honestly say that the meal I got to enjoy this 31/01 was the best I had in 2010 and possibly the best I'll have this 2011. 
The concept was all posh bistro, which I loved. 
Even when the amount of food that was served was minimal it was absolutely breathtaking, both in presentation as in flavour. 

EstaciĆ³n Comida de Mercado located in CityCenter Zona Esmeralda, was the superb location for our delicious dinner. A very contemporary spot I'll say... breaking through the "concept" one would expect in a Mexican Cuisine Restaurant. 

Just picture a wide room with dark walls and a very high ceiling from which, dozens of small light bulbs hang all set at different heights scattering a dim yellow light bellow the expectant visitors. 
Instrumental Mexican music floods the room as from the high dark wooden shelves filled with; wines, beers, glasses, plates and basically everything you can find on your table, you can see the well lit space confined as the kitchen, where the Chef and his group began to prepare themselves for what would be a busy but glorious night.  
Set on what once was a hill, the wind blows as cold and hard as it always does on winter nights. 
Separating the outside of the plaza from the restaurant are the glass doors that had in front of them a heater set at is pick. 
The kitchen noises are eclipsed by the scattered chat among the few tables set for the event. The smallest of which me and my family are sitting. Our table has been decorated with white linens as well as for the cups we'll be using to taste different wines with our food and a beautiful centerpiece  with sliver spheres and peach blossoms. 

And so the dinner begun: 

First we were served this delicious salad that exceeded all possible expectations. 
The sweetness of the beetroot with the acid from the clementines was above all...divine. 

Then came the Romeritos, 
The Romeritos were served with Mole and a really really delicious shrimp. 

The Highlight of my night was the delicious Elote Cream with Cuitlacoche Cream. 
There are no words to describe the deliciousness. 
Then followed, The Huachinango a la Veracruzana. A little spicy but ultimately delicious. 

We received this 2011 while eating this:
I had never tried duck before and my oh my was this an awakening! 
The Sweet Potato Pure was delish, not the mention the way the flavours seemed to grow with every sip of the delicious wine they served us. 

The end of the year had passed us by and so we were nearing the end of the meal. 
And what better way to say hello to a new year than by cleansing our palates with a berry sorbet?

And so... dessert...
What can I say about dessert? 
It was mind-blowing and utterly outstanding.
The best combination that pleases two important senses, both the eyes and the mouth. 

Beautiful on the eyes. 

Yummylicious in the mouth. 

And so, three things came to an end... 2010, dinner and this post.