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Tuesday, 23 August 2011


I am awesome, 
So the wonderful pretty state of Puebla (where this delicious Mexican Chillies were first created...) has stated that the Chiles en Nogada season is officially back. YAY! 
And I just had to give a go at this delicious teat another time. 
Practice makes perfect and having cooked for over a year... let's just say that my time 
has been greatly invested n.n 

I made the Nogada my way this time n.n And had loads of fun experimenting in the lab --otherwise called the kitchen, with yummy ingredients I thought would work out with the sauce. 
I made the stuffing with little variations of the original I made last year and it all turned out all right. 
The only thing that might've changed was that I didn't clean the Chilies really well this time, 
so they were slightly hot.
But they were delicious, absolutely delicious! 

These were a joy to eat! 

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