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Friday, 4 June 2010

Aguita para el Calorsito!

Who isn't in mood for some fresh Water? 
Everyone, right? 

 I'm a big sweet-tooth so when I saw the recipe that called for Strawberry & Vanilla sweetened 
with Honey I went craaazy over it and could not wait to try it. 
All I can say is: Oh My God.

The freshness of my very ripe strawberries and the deliciousness the Vanilla added, and just leaving a sweet
Honey flavor at the end. Really a drink I would offer the Olympic Gods without any sort of hesitation (granting me a constellation of my own, which would be pretty cool, maybe even my own myth...Now that would be AWESOME.) 
So before I start babbling on and on about what kind of myth I would like for myself or the very artistic shape and meaning of my constellation I will tell you the recipe for this Godly Award Drink that it's so easy to make us mortals can do it. 
(and end up with constellations of our own I might add) 

OkayOkay I'll get to the recipe already!

Fresh Strawberry&Vanilla Water
Sweetened with Honey. 

1 cup of fresh, ripe Strawberries. 
2 Teaspoons of Vanilla. 
1 tablespoon of Honey. 
2 cups of Ice-cold Water. 

1. I placed the two cups of water in the freezer a few hours before I made the water. My cold water actually froze and by the time I had to add the water there was still huge ice cub in the cup I used. 
The better for me. It looked pretty cool actually. So first step either make ice cubes or freeze your two cups and take them out just a few minutes after they have been frozen. 

2. Combine both Strawberries and Vanilla and let the blender... yes! work its magic, all right. 

3. You can either pass the mixture into the container you are going to serve the water in, or into another one so you can sweet-it up. I served it on a different container and stirred the tablespoon of Honey until it dissolved into the water. 

4. Then, I added more water. 

Serve with a nice small strawberry in a fancy cup or glass.