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Sunday, 26 December 2010


I said I'd show you more recipes right? 
Well I am just glad to say I won't disappoint.
Today I'll be posting the delicious treats I made for my GiftBaskets which included: 
Vanilla Sugar, A very sweet Pear and Cardamom Mermelade, Vanilla infused Marshmallows with Chocolate fudge, and finally delicious Vanilla bean cupcakes with... wait for it... FONDANT! yeah! I made fondant! Made it, knead it, cut it, coloured it, and used it to decorate my ultra delicious cupcakes. 
Some GiftBasket, right? 

Keep tuned for my exquisite Christmas Dinner at Grandma's house. 
(who by now ya'll know is the best cook alive!)
Check out the preview! 
Oh yeah, Fancy Chocolate Cake, Shrimps AlMojodeAjo, Prawns and of course Turkey a la Jaime! 

But today ah today I am presenting you the gift bags: 

The Mermelade: 

The Marshmallows covered in fudge: 

The Vanilla Sugar: 

And the Fondant cupcakes! 

I know I know, they aren't exactly the most beautiful fondant decorated cupcakes you've seen. 
But give me a break guys! It was the first time I ever worked with fondant and I guess that it went pretty good considering... I am actually quite proud of they ended up. 
Plus the pleasure I get when everyone says yum when they eat them. And frankly that's what's important to me. 

So let us start: 
First the Marshmallows: 

Recipe calls for 4 packages of gelatin. I used 2... but I truly recommend you use 4 since my marshmallows came out a little too softly. Like peeves that have been under the sun for a while. 
1/2 cups of Water. 
2 cups of Sugar.
1 1/2 cups of corn syrup. 
1 tablespoon of Vanilla Essence. 
1 pinch of Salt. 

All right. First sprinkle the gelatin over 1/2 cup of water. Pour the sugar in the remaining water on a saucepan until its warm at touch. 
When warm add the gelatin to the syrup you've just made and stir until gelatine is fully melted. 
Pour the gelatin-syrup mixture into a bowl and with your mixer start mixing and add the corn syrup and vanilla and begin beating at high speed. 
Continue beating until the mixture cools and increases in volume and forms soft peaks. 
Work quickly and transfer the mixture to your mold dusted with icing sugar and place wax paper too so it is easier to unmold it. 
When the mixture has set, unmold it and proceed to cut. 
(you may need more icing sugar since it will be quite sticky. Just rub it on the sides. 

Deliciously Sweet!
amazing blogger! 

Now for the Fudge. 

It's quite easy actually and soo delicious. 

1 cup of heavy cream.
6 tablespoons of butter.
1/2 cup of corn syrup.
12 ounces of chocolate. Recipe calls for semi-sweet chocolate but I used milk chocolate because I like it better. Or you could use a bag of chocolate chips. 

Melt cream, butter and corn syrup in a saucepan until barely boiling. When melted, remove from heat and add the chocolate and stir until melted. Cool to lukewarm. 

To make the Marshmallows covered in Chocolate Fudge: Just pour some chocolate over the marshmallows and wait for it to cool. 

Next the Mermelade. 

Pear and Cardamom Mermelade.

Cut some 4 ripe pears in big chunks and place them in a saucepan  with 1 cup of water. Add 4 lightly crushed cardamom pods and let the pears cook until they are translucent. The time depends on how ripe your pears are. 
Next crush the pears with a potato masher ( I used the bean masher mom uses for the beans) and mash the pears you want small bits of pear to remain. Add 1 tablespoon of honey.
Let the mixture simmer for almost 1 hour or until thickened. 

This is gloriously delicious with natural yoghurt and a drizzle of honey. Best breakfast. I must warn you it's quite addictive! 

Now for the Vanilla Sugar!

Scented Sugar is so easy to make. 
Just add some sugar to an bowl or something that has a lid (so you can close it) add a Vanilla sprig (without the beans, use the beans for cupcakes or the marshmallows) and keep the sugar closed for a few weeks. 
And you are done. 

Yeah and now the cupcakes. 

Okay so truth be told I wanted to make a pretty Christmas tree as the decoration for the cupcakes but my green food colourant magically disappeared... I blame it on the Christmas Goblin.
A few words on Fondant. Oh My God! It is hard as it is (searching for a word...) Addictive-ly fun! 
I had never worked with fondant, I had read about it but I had never ventured to do it until now. 
I thought it would be loads harder and I made a hell of a mess in the kitchen. And to be the first time I work with fondant The result wasn't that bad. 
I did have a small tantrum because of my missing green colourant and the fondant kept sticking on the table... but I made it through and cleaned afterwards which is unheard of. 
Of course I had some help. My awesome baby sister helped me make the ribbons. n.n 

The recipe for the cupcakes was (as always) adapted from the Hummingbird cookbook. 
You need: 
120g of flour. 
170g of sugar.
1 1/2 teaspoons of baking powder.
A pinch of Salt. 
40g of butter. 
120ml of milk 
1 large egg. 
Beans from a Vanilla sprig 

First put all the dry ingredients plus the butter and beat until the mixture comes together. Add half of the milk and beat until you get a sort of cookie dough. Mix the egg and the milk together and add it a little bit at a time. 
Mix until batter is smooth. Add the vanilla beans and beat until well combined. 
Bake for about 20-25 minutes. 

For the fondant? 

How about I tell you that later?

Hope you enjoy the pics n.n 

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Christmas Dinner 2010

I think it's a very common tradition everywhere. When you are planning on spending Christmas elsewhere, but you want to spend some quality time to celebrate the joy of the season with other special people; you organize a "Christmas Dinner". 
**This is us, and the glasses we used to toast back when we were "Junior High/Secondary" Graduates. By this I mean to say this glasses are 5-6 years old**

Ours was this last Thursday n.n and woah... I hadn't had that much fun in a long time. I guess with uni and me not-being-a-wild-party-person any more we haven't seen each other in long periods of time. I am of course talking about the two other girls I am ever so proud to call my friends. Like my actual friends. Like the two girls I want my kids to call Aunts. 
It's odd I know, but our dinner party was just for the 3 of us. No boyfriends, no new friends. Just us 3. And personally I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Dinner was great. Although it got cold way to soon! Damn the cold! 

And I do hope with all of my heart that we get together more often just to talk. Have dinner parties and stuff. Some with boyfriends included others just us girls. 
I would like that, not only cause I realized just how much I had missed them, but because it would be an awesome opportunity for me to cook more XD and that is always a good thing. 

But enough with all the yadda-yadda let me show you the deliciousness.
We all brought a dish to dinner, I was in charge of the main course, Alma was in charge of the salad and pasta and our host Sofi of the dessert.

This is my Mustard Chicken.  

This are some potatoes I made whose name I can't recall, but were really good.

 Here is the exquisite salad and bellow the pasta Alma made. 

  And here is our dessert n.n which was very very good too. 
A zucchini-cheesecake.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Breakfast to love

I am not a breakfast fanatic myself. I normally wake up, drink some coffee maybe eat some cookies and that'll be that. But today I woke up feeling... "breakfast-ish" and this image of Jaime Oliver came into my mind and him saying some delicious stuff about some pear pancakes and I was all "Well all right". 
Lately with the whole cold issue going on, it's been pretty hard for me to go downstairs... but I was all "Fight the cold lady! Fight it! FIGHT IT!" And sure enough, by the time I was cooking the pancakes I began feeling less cold and more anxious, not to mention... hungry! 

Take a look at that!

Didn't I tell you prettier pictures? 

And the best thing about this recipe is that is so damn simple and so utterly delicious it's insane! 

First of, you need a cup... coffee cup or your regular tea cup or a cup okay? Just a regular cup. Fill that cup up with either self-raising flour or normal four and pour it in a bowl (if you are using regular flour like yours truly, add about half a tablespoon of baking powder to the mix) then fill that same cup with milk and add it to the mix. Next grind an entire pear into the mix. And an egg. Mix well and then add a couple of teaspoons of sugar. 
Mix again and then on a previously heated skillet add a knob of butter and pour you pancake mix and wait for it to cook. 

When your pancakes are done, serve them with some natural yoghurt and drizzle some honey on top and I am telling you. BEST BREAKFAST EVER.

Don't be expecting a really sweet kind of pancakes because it won't happen. The honey, I think, adds all the sugar you can possibly need and the yoghurt just adds freshness to an already, relaxed pancakes which are a joy to eat. 
Please, give it a try! I know what I am talking about! 
Trust me for once, yeah? 

Sunday, 12 December 2010


I know I know... I have been a terrible awful blogger u.u 
But I am forever glad to say that I am back and this time I will bring you more recipes, better photos and more me. I've recently got new cooking books (Jaime's Italy, Jaime's 30 min. meals, The Baking Bible, Planet Cupcake and The British Food Bible.) So expect a lot of new dishes! Plus... CHRISTMAS IS COMING! 
This is synonym for more and more recipes; such as cookies and cupcakes and delicious desserts that OMG will be great! Also I'd like to announce that The Owlery Bakery web-page is half way done! So soon you'll be able to take a look at my menu and my cupcakes and maybe order some!
Oh and yes yes yes... I said better photos! Because people... I GOT A NEW CAMARA!
Double Super YAY! 
My boyfriend (who as I've said is simply the best ever) bought me a new sweet beautiful orange camara that has loads of pixels and stuff that will allow me to take prettier pictures so I can finally stop using photoshop to enhance my mobile photos n.n (no disrespect to the pics my mobile has provided though,) but how awesome is that? Pretty Awesome I'd say. 
And... for this 2011 I am planning on making a tribute to Mexican Cuisine. I still don't know if I'll be adding the recipes to this blog or if I'll be opening a new one featuring 100% Mexican Food, and it's kind of a big dream of mine, but I would totally love if this little tribute could be in small quick videos so you see the ingredients as well as the techniques and stuff... still don't know and I'll let you know as soon as I know. 

So okay, to sum it all up: 

I am back
With new recipes. 
Christmas recipes. 
And this 2011 expect a revelation on Mexican Cuisine as told by yours truly lovable amazing beautiful me. 

Friday, 10 September 2010

Chiles en Nogada!

Oh yeah viewers, followers and random people who are reading this... 
I, Andrea Fernandez made Chiles en Nogada, an ancestral Mexican dish that is sure to leave people awestruck after tasting the complex sweet flavor this dish has to offer. 
So for all of you people out there who think Mexican food is all about tacos and burritos and that is it: you are in for a delicious surprise. 

Ah... Chiles en Nogada... 

Never in my entire 19 years of existence did I ever imagine I would be successful with this recipe, let alone I would venture into making it. Even after I discovered the joy and mischief of my kitchen it never crossed my mind. Only available in the patriotic month (September) Chiles en Nogada is a highly important dish. Really is the flying colors of Mexican Cuisine. 

The night before this one I had a nightmare... I actually dreamed I screwed the Chiles over. 
had that happened to me... I never worried so much over a meal... EVER.

And after offering a prayer to the Gods of Food and Wine I set out to work. 

Chiles en Nogada. 
serves 6.


Picadillo or stuffing: 

1/3 cup of vegetable oil. 
2 garlic cloves peeled. 
1 kg. of minced pork meat. 
(it is important to note it should only be minced once.) 
1/2 cup of onions. 
1 cup of water. 
1 tomato pured. 
1 cup of almonds. 
(which should be left to soak on water a least one night) 
1/8 teaspoon of ground cloves. 
1/8 teaspoon of ground cinnamon. 
1/8 teaspoon of ground black pepper.
Pinch of salt. 
1 cup of chopped Peaches. (Yellow peaches)  
1 cup of chopped Apples. (Manzanas Panocheras) 
1 cup of San Juan Pear. 
1 cup of platain. 
1 cup of chopped acitron. 
50g pine nuts. 
two tablespoons of white Vinegar. 

6 Poblano Chilies. 


12 Walnuts peeled. 
1 cup of double cream. 
1/2 cup cream cheese.
Dash of Nutmeg. 
1 cup of Sugar. 
A handful of Almonds. 



Work that magic: 

1. In a wide skillet heat the oil and fry one of the cloves. 

Once the clove is fried get half of the onions in and wait a few seconds before adding the meat. 

(Since the oil should be hot by now it will jump a lot so be careful.) 

2.Add half of the water and cover it for some 5 minutes. 

3. Now on a different skillet warm up some oil and fry the remaining garlic clove. 

4. Once the oil is fried add the remaining onions followed by the tomato. Let it cook for 5 minutes. 

5. Once the tomato is cooked add the almonds, the ground pepper, cinnamon and cloves. Wait a few minutes before setting it aside. 
( I used chopped tomato but the recipe calls for a pure, but it worked out fine) 

6. Add the tomato mixture with the meat and allow the flavors to blend together, this will probably take around 5 minutes. 

7. Using the same skillet and garlic pour some oil and wait for it to heat up, then add the fruits except of the platain. 

8. Put a lid on top and wait for them to cook. 

9. In a different saucepan heat some oil and fry the platain. Now this step should only be followed if you are willing to "capear" de chilies if you aren't feel free to fry all the fruits together. 


10. Pour the fruits into the meat skillet adding the acitron, vinegar and pine nuts at the end. 

There you go, the filling of the legendary Chiles en Nogada in 10 "easy" steps. 


Pour the walnuts, nutmeg, double cream, cream cheese, almonds and sugar into the blender and pulse until everything is combined. 


The chilies should have their skin peeled and deseeded completely. 


Fill the chilies with the picadillo, pour some Nogada on them and sprinkle lovely pomergranate on them. 

Easier said than done!

The preparation for the chilies (skin off and deseeded process shall be posted tomorrow) 

Comments much appreciated! 

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Comfort food at its best! Banana && Cream glazed with Honey and Lavender Sugar.

I know! It's been more than a month since my last post! And it's not like I haven't cooked or baked anything because I have which just leaves me with zero excuses so I'm sorry for being such a lousy blogger. 
Lately we've had some seriously messed up days. 
Like seriously no sun AT ALL
and you all know how I feel about that... 

I've been knitting a lot lately. And soon (as soon as I find out a way to divide this blog into sections: cooking, baking, knitting) I will show you and walk you through the joys of knitting I have found for myself. 
But for now! Let me show you the best of the best of 8 o'clock comfort food n.n
OH how satisfying Banana & Cream can be.


This pic is shameful but I wasn't in the mood for taking detailed pictures I just really wanted to delight myself with the deliciousness I had prepared for me and my sister and my mom. 
(And my boyfriend, for whom I'm saving some for tomorrow).


glazed with Honey and Lavender Sugar.

serves approx. 5 cups. 


Three tablespoons of Icing Sugar. 
Four tablespoons of Double Cream.
(good quality Double Cream) 
 Half a Teaspoon of Vanilla Beans.
One Tablespoon of Honey. 
Some Lavender Sugar or Vanilla Sugar. 

Work the Magic. 

1. Pour the Icing Sugar and Double Cream in a big bowl. Add the Vanilla beans and beat energetically. Beat until light and fluffy. 
2. Chop the banana's in chunky slices and add the cream. 
3.Glaze with honey and the sugar. 
 And eat! 

 I promise I'll start blogging frequently soon enough n.n 

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Grilled Lamb Kebabs!

XD at long long last! I bought my lamb and I made some killer kebabs with it. 
Ah yes! I see you have noticed the amazing quality of the photo... yes well after having searched fresh lamb for weeks and complaining to my boyfriend and family about how stupid it was for supermarkets to not have fresh lamb on their meat aisles...
My boyfriend... 

The guy wearing red. 
Thought that this particular post was a little bit more important than others because of the struggle I had to undergo to finally get fresh lamb meat. 
So being the amazing-best-boyfriend-ever dude he is he decided to aid this post with his amazing new digital cam that has this special application for food photographs. 
So prepare yourselves for the best pictures up until now in TheKitchenSeries! 

I never thought I would say this... but meat here looks almost artistic.
But okay! Let us begin with the recipe!

For the Amazing Grilled Lamb Kebabs you are going to need: 

Lamb meat
(if you live outside Mexico City you'll probably find shoulder meat which Jaime says is best)
2 heaped tablespoons fresh thyme leaves.
1 level tablespoon ground chilli pepper.
1 level tablespoon of cumin.
4 level tablespoons sumac, if you can find any, use the zest of one lemon. I used lime.
Sea Salt&&Black Pepper
A good handful of Pistachio Nuts
A few handfuls of mixed salad leaves, such as Romaine, Endive and Arugula.
A small bunch of fresh mint.
1 red onion very finely sliced.
1 lemon.
A bunch of fresh flat-leaf parsley.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
4 large flatbreads or tortilla wraps.
Plain Yogurt.

Ready to begin?

1. Okay first you need to preheat your cooking source.

2. Cut the lamb into small cubes before placing it in the food processor. Now recipe calls for adding the thyme, Chilli, cumin and sumac, little salt and pepper and the pistachios, so that it all gets well mixed together. Since my blender is near the end of her days and too much work makes the kitchen smell like it's burning, I only processed the meat and added the other ingredients by hand. 

I did use the blender for the pistachios though...

There you go.  Nice and mixed. 

2. Okay, now according to the amount of meat you have you need to divide it into the amount of Kebabs you want. Whether you want 4 to be really generous or many more without being so generous. It's all about how you feel and who you are cooking for. 
So grab a skewer and with damp hands, push and shape the meat around and along each skewer.

This is me Grilling the Kebabs in my mom's messy kitchen. 

3. Now, in a bowl mix the salad leaves and mint. In another, combine the sliced onion with a squeeze of lemon juice and some salt and pepper.  Scunch this all together with your hands and then add the parsely leaves.

Doesn't the Parsely look healthy and beautifully green? n.n

5. Grill your kebabs until they are nicely golden on all sides. And dress your salad leaves with a splash of extra virgin olive oil, a squeeze of lemon juice ( I used lime) and little salt and pepper. Meanwhile, warm your flatbreads for 30 seconds on your griddle pan, then divide between plates and top each with some dressed salad leaves and onion.  When the kebabs are cooked, slip them off the skewers onto the flatbreads and toss the salad leaves the kebabs on top of the flatbreads and drizzle with some of that yogurt. 

6. Roll it up and eat!

Did you know that videos take forever to upload?

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

ApplePear Pie!

Okay so the photo isn't all that great. But I blame the lack of natural light and the fact that even though my mother and (I hope) other people who are related to me and see how much I like doing this... won't buy me a good digital cam. 

I've been thinking of making videos. 
But once again. I do not have the equipment... 
But well... I guess at least for now we'll have to settle with crappy photos and awesome recipes. 

( There is a giant ant walking around my battery cable) 

OK Like I've said the photos for this recipe aren't that good so... I will not post any photos for now. Hopefully though I will do this recipe again and then post the photos that (hopefully) will be better. 

(The giant ant has just pass by the top of the screen) 

Let me tell you one thing about this recipe. 

It's really good. I had never baked a pie, even though I had really wanted to. Mainly because of the oven issues but the other day I gathered some courage and decided to give it a go. 
Normally I would have followed one recipe through. But I had two really awesome recipes for making the dough that both shouted success. 
One, from Jamie at Home and the other one from The Hummingbird Bakery. 
None of this cookbooks has ever let me down. 
So, the natural thing for me to do (asides of maybe freaking out a bit?) was to combine the recipes. 
I didn't know if it was going to work out at first, but, as it turns out it did!
The pie was gone within an hour it came out of my "wannabeovenpan" devoured by my boyfriend (who took some back to my mother&father in law) my sister, my mother (who had the last piece) and my father. I would like to say I had a bit, but being honest I had half of a piece so it doesn't really count, does it? 
It was delicious nonetheless. 

OK so for the Dough this is what I used: 

260g Plain Flour. 
A pinch of Salt. 
1 stick of butter, cut in small pieces. 
Zest of one Lemon. 
A little bit of Ginger. 
I got excited with the Cinnamon. 
3 tablespoons of water. 
2 tablespoons of sugar. 
2 teaspoons of Vanilla. 

This is how I did it: 

1. First I mixed the Flour, Salt, and Sugar together. Then I added the butter and with a rubber spatula I mixed  until it resembled a coarse meal. 

2. Next, add the table spoons of water and add the Vanilla, Cinnamon, Ginger and Zest and begin to knead right until you get a nice smooth looking Dough. 

( The giant ant closes in...I'm going to continue writing this in my bedroom...)

3. Let it rest for about one hour. And during that hour we cook the filling. 

For the Filling: 

Three Apples, peeled and sliced. 
Two Pears, peeled and sliced.
(In mexico, we have this small cone-figured thing called piloncillo which is basically used for sweating desserts, my mother uses it specifically for Ponche during Christmas time, I googled it and it translates as Brown sugar) 
1/4 of milk. 

I did it like this: 

1. Put the butter in a pan and wait for it to melt before adding the fruits. You want to coat them entirely in the butter. 

2. Next, add the cinnamon, milk and piloncillo ( If you are using brown sugar just wait for it to dissolve) If you are using Pilloncillo you'll notice that it takes an awful time to melt. So once I saw the mixture was watery enough and was sweet enough and yummy enough I took out the piloncillo and allowed it to cool. in a small tray. 

But it all together now! 

1. Alright, first you need your baking dish. Next you take your rested dough and cut it in half. 
Work the first half until it is as thick and long as you want it and place it on the dish. Press tightly for it to stick. 

2. Work the other half again that will work as the top part. Once your filling is cool enough , pour it nicely into your already doughed dish. And gently put the top part on. Be sure to press tightly on the sides so it sticks together. (Or you can use egg wash) 

3. Dust the pie with with some sugar and cinnamon from a high and drizzle some of the mixture the fruits swam in. 

40 minutes in your oven and you are done baby! 

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Banana Pancakes n.n

Alright! So the quest continues... a terrible thing happened today, I woke up and it was raining u.u it is 2: 37 pm and it hasn't stopped raining. It's a miserable cold, wet, grey day and I am hating it. 
However there is something that made me cheer up a bit this morning, and that was my breakfast n.n
As I woke up and headed to the kitchen I grabbed this amazing Food Magazine I bought a few weeks back that featured this nice recipe for pancakes. 
Little did I know that it was buttermilk pancakes and guess what? I didn't have buttermilk around. And I was not in the mood for attempting to make my own. So I decided to change things up a bit. 
Instead of using buttermilk as the wow factor I used banana. 
And instead of using milk I used natural Yogurt. 

Look at that amazingly gorgeous thing right here in this photo! I mean talk about finger-linking good! Right? 
I am of course talking about my pancakes. Not myself. Me? I look all pale and morning-ish. 

Moving on. 

I know... we most certainly cannot argue the fact that my banana pancakes do look exquisite. 
However there were some small flaws with the recipe. I found it slightly chewy and terribly hard to flip them on the pan. I don't know if I chose a wrong pan for pancakes or if the mixture was somewhat off because of the change of ingredients. 
At first I was so excited because the mix looked really smooth and delicious. Almost like a cupcake mix and well the last pancakes I made the mix turned of quite runny and I like it when the mixes are smooth. 
They look prettier that way. 
I suppose we owe this to the yogurt instead of milk thing I did. 
It also turned up to be like really chunky and moist. Again I suppose this we owe to the banana's we added. 
But well all in all they were made a really good smile awarding breakfast.

And it goes like this: 

1 cup of all purpose flour.
1 cup of sugar. 
1 1/2 cup of natural yogurt.  
1 teaspoon of vanilla. 
Two tablespoons of oil. 
1 egg. 
1 banana chopped. 


Ok. So first I placed the flour in a big bowl and added the cup of sugar and gave in a nice stir. Then in a small bowl I mixed the yogurt with the vanilla and added it to the sugar and flour mix before adding the egg and stirring it until there were no lumps. I suppose at this point you should add the oil as well, but I forgot it and add it in the end lol. 
Now using a fork we'll create a sort of Gerber banana pudding thing. Just press the fork against the banana. Add the cinnamon and then add the banana into the pancake mix. 
Give it a nice stir and then in a preheated pan start cooking your pancakes n.n and add them your topping of preference. Mine is always maple syrup. 

Monday, 19 July 2010

I never had a dream come true till the day that I found RHUBARB

n.n remember all those tweets I had about me dreaming of Rhubarb? Well... I am delightfully glad to tell you that that little thing shall only increase more now that I have FOUND Rhubarb! 
It finally happened.
My mom decided to take me and my sister and my boyfriend to CityMarket, the only gourmet market found in Mexico City. I expected to find lamb but instead... just as I walked into the veggies and fruits section 
The clouds opened up and the Gods decided to smile down upon me and said: 
"Andrea here is your Rhubarb" 
...cue for Angelic music...
There standing in a huge pile of ice along side with asparagus and other things I didn't mind was my Rhubarb.
At long long last. 
So Mexican readers around the country!
I give you: 


You would think that being a country that has the soil and weather abilities to produce almost anything Rhubarb would be a pretty common ingredient around here. But no. Hardly anyone has heard of Rhubarb. 
Slightly overpriced for such a small size plant.
But so totally worth it! 

I know I said that my grandma is the best cook I'll ever meet but that Jamie Oliver guy isn't that far behind...
His recipes never cease to satisfy myself and my family. 
I followed his Rhubarb Food recipe and OMG! Instant and absolute success!
Rhubarb fool is what heaven tastes like!

Look at that!

Standing on a triangle shaped Pastry cookie alongside with Orange-yogurt-sweetened with honey. Rhubarb compost. Beautiful! 

Since I started working on the recipe slightly late by the time I was done with it, the sun had already set, so with no natural light to brighten my photos I stole my sister's reading lamp in order to create a small photo-studio: 

Just simply awe-inspiring.
I simply know I have cooked my future kids favorite dessert.