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Monday, 19 July 2010

I never had a dream come true till the day that I found RHUBARB

n.n remember all those tweets I had about me dreaming of Rhubarb? Well... I am delightfully glad to tell you that that little thing shall only increase more now that I have FOUND Rhubarb! 
It finally happened.
My mom decided to take me and my sister and my boyfriend to CityMarket, the only gourmet market found in Mexico City. I expected to find lamb but instead... just as I walked into the veggies and fruits section 
The clouds opened up and the Gods decided to smile down upon me and said: 
"Andrea here is your Rhubarb" 
...cue for Angelic music...
There standing in a huge pile of ice along side with asparagus and other things I didn't mind was my Rhubarb.
At long long last. 
So Mexican readers around the country!
I give you: 


You would think that being a country that has the soil and weather abilities to produce almost anything Rhubarb would be a pretty common ingredient around here. But no. Hardly anyone has heard of Rhubarb. 
Slightly overpriced for such a small size plant.
But so totally worth it! 

I know I said that my grandma is the best cook I'll ever meet but that Jamie Oliver guy isn't that far behind...
His recipes never cease to satisfy myself and my family. 
I followed his Rhubarb Food recipe and OMG! Instant and absolute success!
Rhubarb fool is what heaven tastes like!

Look at that!

Standing on a triangle shaped Pastry cookie alongside with Orange-yogurt-sweetened with honey. Rhubarb compost. Beautiful! 

Since I started working on the recipe slightly late by the time I was done with it, the sun had already set, so with no natural light to brighten my photos I stole my sister's reading lamp in order to create a small photo-studio: 

Just simply awe-inspiring.
I simply know I have cooked my future kids favorite dessert. 


  1. I have never tried rhubarb - pretty hard to find here in Brazil - and I would love to taste something with it! :)

  2. Patricia: Thanks for welcoming to the blogging world n.n I really am excited about this. Rhubarb is delicious I hope you can find it soon in Brazil and make something with it because is sooo worth it. It took me months to find Rhubarb here in Mexico City so I really hope you can find it n.n