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Friday, 14 May 2010

Learning Food Photography and Styling.

It has come to my attention, that, sad as t may be... my food photos, well, suck. Big time. Still, I think that one of the main reasons that my photos suck is because I am still a rookie. Hell I started this blog what? two-three days ago?
It might feel longer, because I had been wanting to do this for a long time... but, as I have learned, this takes a lot of practice. I am now crossing my fingers so I can get a better camara and also buy pretty white dishes. Because all of my dishes are horrid, well, they're not MY dishes actually, they're my mom' her dishes suck big time!
So my homework for this weekend will be: buy aleast ONE pretty white dish in order to make my photos more stylish. EVERYONE uses white dishes!! So I should get al least one, maybe two...

Argh! Another thing that's been bugging me to no end is that I had the brilliant idea to make a Sapodilla (saaay whaaaat?! I know right, I just found out that's English for Chicozapote)  forzen yogurt/ice cream for my dad, because I was feeling awesome and thought maybe that way, he would let me see my night tv program, but he didn't. And I wasted 30 powerful minutes making an icecream that got me NOTHING-NADA and ended up screwing the icecream maker, uh, thing that goes round and round? You know which one right?
Okay so maybe it wasn't screwed up entirely... apparently the Sapodilla comes from the tree that makes bubblegum a possibility (saaay whaaaat?) so the fruit has this evil resin molecule (idk) that attacks all your  platic kitchen appliances that try to mix it!! Leaving an orange-brown bubblegum-ish thing stuck without any possible way of getting it out!! And I mean no way of getting it out, like, ZERO-NADA!! I've spent the last three days in the sink washing, scratching, peeling with or with no water, with or with no super cleaning soap!
AND IT WONT COME OUT...entirely... some of it has (and my hands have payed the prize) but my icecream maker turnish thing looks as if it was a 1000 years older! Like if it was a hand-me-down appliance from my greatgreatgrandma! Or maybe just belonged to my mother who has no care for the appliances! And that is driving me CRAAAZYLOKAAA beyond relieve!!

But!! Every cloud has a silver lightning!! And so I come to tell you (my two followers who are probably the only ones that read my blog u.u) I am learning the art of photoshop! It's like I hadn't realize just how photoshoped some foodpics are! It's like today my eyes opened up to meat the LENS BLUR who has become my best friend!
I mean, at first I thought that whoever took the pics had to be like this uncanningly awesomely skilled mom that had the best photographic gear like ever, and I was so sad because I only take pictures with my cellphone camara which has 2 sorry pixels! And I was all "Foodgawker is never going to accept my submissions u.u" It was facing literary agent rejection all over again!! (Ah!! Because, great news, Paul has finally called himself MY Agent and Editor, which is like really really good news, but more on that later) but then... Ready to give up and cry when... out of the blue, out of nowhere, as if it was meant to be...
I googled "learn good food photography" and BAM!! The Gods showed me the answer in a blog ( and then I was illuminated and also learned that photoshop pays this like unhumanly huge role in this food photography deal. And up until today I thought I was doomed to take so-so pictures and never see myself in BUT now that I know and I am learning not only about the essencials and elemental stuff about photography but have this superpowerful ally (PS) maybe MAYBE I got a chance... with some (alot) of practice one day I shall post something that goes like FOODGWAKER ACCEPTED ONE OF MY POSTS!! or I'M GOING TO BE IN FOODGAWKER.COM!! or something like that. Which is awesome.

 This is a photoshoped picture I posted on one of my recent posts called CAKEBALLS. Looks so pro this way right?
This picture was also recently posted in the Soursop icecream recipe. Looks a hell of alot better, right?

Compared to the first pictures YES they do look better and DO NOT DARE to tell me otherwise because I swear I'll stop foodblogging FOREVER! And hey! I still got alot of recipes to show you and a lot of kitchen mess to create, so don't make me stop doing it!! Because my boyfriend will like kill you! He loves my cooking habilities...
Yes, compared to other food photographs mine still suck... but they are getting better and I need practice so in time (I hope not too much time) my pics will make your mouth water and will get me into

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