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Thursday, 15 July 2010

My Grandmother ROCKS!

Man oh man are you people in for a treat! So my mom's biggest friend came down to Mexico City from NY since she is a dear beloved friend of the family my grandmother (who is the best cook I've and will ever meet) decided to welcome her with a deliciously sinful "Mariscada" which is Spanish for loads of deliciously simple seafood cooking. 

And I know this picture here looks everything but simple but apparently I have developed this ability for styling dishes. 
Here in this photo: Mr. Crab with a small example of Tostada de camaron with two over the top Garlic-ish Ginger-ish Butter-ish Shrimp. 

I've always admired the way my grandma has for cooking. I mean, it is just incredible. She manages to create the best dishes out of ordinary common ingredients and there is always something so Grandma-ish to them. 
Once upon a time I had believed that all this seafood dishes required an extensive super hard preparation but I was so amazed to find that it isn't that complicated after all. 

Our Menu for today.

Shrimps a la Diabla.
Shrimps al Mojo de Ajo. 
Ceviche de Pescado.
Ceviche de Camaron.
Ceviche de Jaiba. 
Grilled Sole with Secret Sauce. 
Grilled Clam-things. 
Grandma style Crabs. 

As dishes began pilling up it became quite obvious we would need to take our reunion outside... 

In this photo: My cousin who seems to be eating the Ceviche de Jaiba with his eyes... strangely enough though... he and his sister ate a soup and meat... I guess it's a giant scam my aunt came up with for the adults to eat more.
Which is great because I count as an adult so the more for me n.n but I'll have to admit I feel bad for my lil' cousin, he really has no idea of what he missed out on today. 

This is the grilled fish, which by the time it was ready to eat... I was so full and in such bliss I actually forgot to take any picture of my deliciously sinful fish taco I treated myself with n.n 
But I will tell you this: People out there who has a dad or a granddad that grills things every once in a while... PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT THEY DO! AND LEARN! 
My granddad left today and left the grilling to my grandma, my aunt, Noriko (my mom's friends and the person you have to thank for the meal) and to me! I have no words to express how painfully hard it was.

Oh yeah, this is me with Teddy, last time I saw him he was wearing a Buzz Lightyear costume n.n 
Even though he is 7 now, I gotta admit he is still cute and makes me want to spoil the life out of him. That's just the mom side of me I guess... 

n.n I just wanted you to see my awesome food styling. Again.

This is my baby sister n.n who decided to help out with the Shrimps a la Diabla.
Here you can see her transferring a shrimp into the devil sauce. She did this with every single shrimp saying she wanted to give a special treatment to each of them n.n she is adorable! I totally agreed on that after all, it was the very least we could do. This little animals had died for us, and they deserve all the respect in the world and out thanks. 

Peace out people!

Whaaat whaaat? No recipes you say?! 

Hey! It took me 19 years or so to learn how to make each of this dishes, I love you followers and random people who are reading this, but I am not spilling my grandma cooking secrets just like that. Maybe late in life when my cooking book comes out n.n or you could, you know, ask me nicely...