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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Last Entry

Hey guys! Long time, huh?

Well, this is a post to say goodbye to The Kitchen Series...
Writing and sharing my kitchen experiences with you has been one of the most awesome things I've done, it's been great and I have really enjoyed it. It has been a really wonderful amazing ride :)

This is not a goodbye to the whole foodblog thing it's a goodbye to this particular blog and an invitation to go visit the new one I'm working on.
I do hope that whoever enjoyed this blog gives the new one a chance. It's going to be awesome. I swear I will post more often and shower you with new recipes. I know I say this often and ya'll probably don't believe anymore, but it's true. It's a new concept, a new start and hopefully you'll enjoy it as much as I will. 
This new blog is called The Kitchen Series II . Diaries of Me  it's gonna be more about life in general with a lot of food thrown in the mix. I want to write about my life and friends and shit that happens as well as food and not just write recipes. I mean, I will be sharing recipes (otherwise naming it The Kitchen Series II would be stupid) but I will be sharing other stuff with you too.

So give it a go. I really really hope to see your comments there. And, I guess that's all.

Thank you for letting me share all this with you and see you soon ;)

Monday, 23 January 2012

Trending Tweet...

There's this TT in Twitter right now called:

And since I do not want to fill my followers timeline with 30 tweets about things they may not give a damn about. 
I will post them here ;) 

Thing number one. 

I love Harry Potter. 

Thing number two. 

My greatest dream would be to become a published author of a  YA Fiction series I've been writing called The Light Series. 

Thing number three. 

I love TV series. 

Thing number four. 

Despite trying forever hard. I am a romantic at heart. 

Thing number five. 

I adore cooking and baking. 

Thing number six. 

I got robbed on Saturday. 

Thing number seven. 

I have an infatuation with owls. 

Thing number eight. 

I have a top ten list of Fictional characters I'd like to Date-havehotsteamysexwith- and even marry. 

Thing number nine. 

I sing when I am home alone. 

Thing number ten. 

I love reading natgeo's magazine. 

Thing number eleven. 

I keep trying to decorate my bedroom, but haven't done anything but pasting a poster. 

Thing number twelve. 

Whenever I see a hummingbird it means I have to bake something. 

Thing number thirteen. 

Despite hating drama... I am quite a drama queen myself. 

Thing number fourteen. 

I have a tattoo. 

Thing number fifteen. 

I'm going through a redbull-nutella detox and feel like dying. 

Thing number sixteen. 

I believe in Love more than I believe in anything else. 

Thing number seventeen. 

I love sleeping but I hardly ever go to sleep at a reasonable hour. 

Thing number eighteen. 

I absolutely loath the Twilight Series and anything that has to do with them. 

Thing number nineteen. 

I rather talk in English than in Spanish. 

Thing number twenty. 

I hate drinking milk. 

Thing number twenty-one. 

I really want to live in London. 

Thing number twenty-two. 

I dance at night. 

Thing number twenty-three. 

I have conversations with people who don't exist or are not there when I have this conversations. Yes, I usually make up their answers. 

Thing number twenty-four. 

I believed in Santa until I turned 12. 

Thing number twenty-five. 

I adore beyond normal adoration goes... Jane Austen's Emma. 

Thing number twenty-six. 

I am a very patient person. But annoy me enough to get angry and you will suffer the wrath of the beast. 

Thing number twenty-seven. 

I am usually a very fun person. 

Thing number twenty-eight. 

I have a crush. A secret crush. A crush I would never tell him he is my crush. 

Thing number twenty-nine. 

My number one dessert is ice-cream 

And finally... 

Thing number thirty. 

I have really no idea why I decided to join in a #30thingsaboutme TT. 

Monday, 9 January 2012


Yum, right? 
Honey mustard chicken with dauphinoise and bread. 

(This is me trying to prove my best friend just how much she and her roomies need me in their life) 

my best friend came over today for a nice film-game-girl talk evening and I of course cooked her something real nice :) as you can see above. 
It was a nice -quite delicious actually, Honey Mustard Chicken a very cheesy Dauphinoise and nice bread. 

The chicken was marinated in gourmet mustard, honey, olive and garlic oil, salt and pepper and mustard seeds mix. Before being cooked on a skillet until each side was slightly browned. 
I added a hell of a lot more cheese than what the recipe called for on the Dauphinoise but, cheese is good. So it ended up being a pretty damn good --cheesy, potato casserole.
Onion, potatoes, garlic, cream and lots and lots of cheese :) 
And nice bread. 
Sounds easy --and it was. 
And it was also pretty darn good. 

But if I am going to be honest here... 
I think what really made this food really great was the company :) 
My best friend and my sister.
Two of the most awesome people I have the absolute pleasure of knowing. 

The two of them have been the best ever and supported me and helped me to overcome a lot of difficulties that presented themselves at the last 5 months of 2011 and I can honestly say that if it hadn't been for them... I wouldn't be in this wicked awesome place I am right now. 

And OK fine. 
The me I am right now... is not the work of just the two awesome girls I've just mentioned. Really it was a team work between them and my other friends, who have been equally and amazingly great. 
I have really few words to describe just how blessed I feel for having them all in my life. And I am pretty sure you all know who you are :) 
And if you are ever nice enough to read my blog ;) here is my massive 
for everything. 
You deserve. 

It's been tough. When this all began I was pretty sure I wasn't going to get through with it. I was really scared and really sad and just how you'd expect a girl to be after she was dumped by her 3 almost 4 year boyfriend. 
But mostly I was scared, I was afraid I'd end up alone. 
I think most of us (you people who are reading this) have had the type of relationship where you dive yourself so deep that you end up alienating yourself from the rest of the world and when it ends... it sucks. 
I kept thinking if I had invested all my time and stuff in one person and he didn't appreciate it enough to want to stay, then why the hell would any of my friends be there for me when I had been such a crappy friend for the last few years. 
They were all there. 

Made me realize just how stupid I'd been and how incredibly lucky I am. 
I guess sometimes you need to go through really ugly shit to come up with a sort of epiphany about how wicked awesome life really is... to see just how lucky we are and how much friendship really means and cheesy beautiful things you hear at the end of one of those teenage angst-romantic comedy kind of films. 

Ooooh! We are also pretty darn excited about our birthday being this weekend :) Friday 13th the big beautiful highly anticipated 21. 
Did I just hear you say Vegas?! I know I've been hearing it since this new year began ;) 
Really Really excited. 
Hopefully I'll end up with fun pictures to show you and I'll probably be baking my own cake or cupcakes or pie or whatever so... yeah.