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Monday, 23 January 2012

Trending Tweet...

There's this TT in Twitter right now called:

And since I do not want to fill my followers timeline with 30 tweets about things they may not give a damn about. 
I will post them here ;) 

Thing number one. 

I love Harry Potter. 

Thing number two. 

My greatest dream would be to become a published author of a  YA Fiction series I've been writing called The Light Series. 

Thing number three. 

I love TV series. 

Thing number four. 

Despite trying forever hard. I am a romantic at heart. 

Thing number five. 

I adore cooking and baking. 

Thing number six. 

I got robbed on Saturday. 

Thing number seven. 

I have an infatuation with owls. 

Thing number eight. 

I have a top ten list of Fictional characters I'd like to Date-havehotsteamysexwith- and even marry. 

Thing number nine. 

I sing when I am home alone. 

Thing number ten. 

I love reading natgeo's magazine. 

Thing number eleven. 

I keep trying to decorate my bedroom, but haven't done anything but pasting a poster. 

Thing number twelve. 

Whenever I see a hummingbird it means I have to bake something. 

Thing number thirteen. 

Despite hating drama... I am quite a drama queen myself. 

Thing number fourteen. 

I have a tattoo. 

Thing number fifteen. 

I'm going through a redbull-nutella detox and feel like dying. 

Thing number sixteen. 

I believe in Love more than I believe in anything else. 

Thing number seventeen. 

I love sleeping but I hardly ever go to sleep at a reasonable hour. 

Thing number eighteen. 

I absolutely loath the Twilight Series and anything that has to do with them. 

Thing number nineteen. 

I rather talk in English than in Spanish. 

Thing number twenty. 

I hate drinking milk. 

Thing number twenty-one. 

I really want to live in London. 

Thing number twenty-two. 

I dance at night. 

Thing number twenty-three. 

I have conversations with people who don't exist or are not there when I have this conversations. Yes, I usually make up their answers. 

Thing number twenty-four. 

I believed in Santa until I turned 12. 

Thing number twenty-five. 

I adore beyond normal adoration goes... Jane Austen's Emma. 

Thing number twenty-six. 

I am a very patient person. But annoy me enough to get angry and you will suffer the wrath of the beast. 

Thing number twenty-seven. 

I am usually a very fun person. 

Thing number twenty-eight. 

I have a crush. A secret crush. A crush I would never tell him he is my crush. 

Thing number twenty-nine. 

My number one dessert is ice-cream 

And finally... 

Thing number thirty. 

I have really no idea why I decided to join in a #30thingsaboutme TT. 


  1. Hi Andie! Wow, what a cool idea. Of all the things about you that I learned, the one that I hope the most for you is that you find that success as a writer of juvenile fiction. Keep writing, girl!

  2. Hi Andie! Just stopping by to say hello and catch up on your latest. It looks like you haven't written in a while. I hope all is okay.