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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Sick of being sick...

Is there anything worse than being sick!? 
Of course there is! 
There are thousands of millions of things that are worse than being sick! 
But for some reason, this rational thought seems lo leave us every single time we get sick. 
Take me for example, I got sick today. 
My ENTIRE family have been sick for the last two weeks. Sore throat, runny nose, cough, you know. I had counted myself as really lucky because so far I hadn't caught the virus-bacteria-whateverthehellismakingmesickrightnow. 
But mom decided to be ultra nice to me yesterday and coughed all over me and VOILA as easy as putting a cake batter in the oven, I got sick. 
I woke up with a sore throat and my voice has been reduced to nothing. 
And I hate it. 
I've been vomiting all day, not been able to hold anything in my stomach and I haven't been able to rest. 
I am so disgusting right now I have a small trash bin beside my bed in case I begin coughing and it comes out with a surprise.
Yes, that's how disgusting I am right now. 
Because being sick turns me into this disgusting excuse of a human. 
It's even sad. 
I missed out of making a chocolate mousse in school today because of it. 
I am in pain and sleepy and look like a zombie. 
**attempting to sigh** 
I can't wait to go back into the Kitchen... 

Monday, 16 May 2011

Hearty Meal

In my humble opinion, nothing can compare with a hearty meal and a final episode of a great series. In my case, Season's 6 finale of Greys Anatomy. 
I know, some of you, like my father will be all like: EWWW
But we all know that that's not real blood! 
Plus, I've been watching this kind of shows since I was really young so I guess you could say I am used to it. 

Haha I just realized that I named my post HEARTY meal and ironically enough the episode I'm watching is when Derek gets shot on the chest. 

Okay so anyway, my meal of the day consisted on this really nice Aglioli Pasta with some tomato-honey chicken. 
Sounds weird, when I say it and you read it like that. But please oh please trust me when I say it was ultra delicious. 

For the pasta you just need some Spagetti, Olive Oil, Garlic, and about 50ml of the cooking water. 
For the Chicken you need: Chicken Breast cut into long slices (like for a chicken tender), a couple of dry tomatoes, Olive Oil, A clove of garlic and runny honey. 

So you put your water to cook the pasta and wait until it boils. 
Meanwhile, cut your tomato and your garlic (for the chicken) really thinly and small and add a little bit of olive oil, salt and ground pepper, and crunch it all up together with your hands. 
Next, add a pinch of salt to the water before adding your pasta. 
While your pasta cooks, rub your chicken on your tomato mixture and roll them up and pin it together so you have a roll with a tooth pick. 
Place a pan in medium heat add a little bit of olive oil and wait for it to heat up. 
I suppose, that your pasta should be done by now, so drain it but save some of the cooking water. 
Next add a nice drizzle of olive oil to another pan and heat it, add the garlic (which should be finely sliced) and wait for it to get some nice colour and when it does add your pasta, season, and toss it around the pan. Have a taste. 
Now add your chicken to the pan and cook it, it should take around 8 minutes (if your slices are thin like mine) while they are cooking add the honey, around a table spoon on each of your rolls.  
Turn them over and add some more honey on the other side. 
When your chicken is done, serve it over your pasta, turn on the TV and the DVD and pop in your favourite series finale and enjoy yourself. 

Now that I think it over, this recipe should have been posted on a lazy Friday, not Monday n.n 

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

I love my mom...

10 de Mayo is nationally known here in Mexico as Mother's Day. 
And it's not like I like to fall into gigantic sea of people who only say 'I love you' or do special stuff for their mom on this one day. BUT I did take it as an excuse to make a super special cake.

Meet, my fist EVER Layer Cake, which I shall call: 

A Lily's Mini Cake. 

And this is how my mom left it n.n 
She liked it. 

It has 5 layers. 
 The first layer (from bottom to top) is made out of dark chocolate, followed by a Almond-Vanilla one, then another layer of chocolate, then a caramel layer and finally a chocolate and final layer. 
(My mom is crazy about chocolate). 
And it's all covered with dark-milk chocolate ganache. 
Yumm? Right? 

I know it doesn't look all that pretty and beautiful as all the other layer cakes you find it foodgawker, who still WONT accept any of my pics... but its delicious and it was fun to make. 
And would do it again without any amount of hesitation. 

You will notice the ugly spot in my pics... My camara needs cleaning, expected since it is used by a photographer who deals with food before taking the photo... 

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Sunday = Relaxed meal

One of the best things about cooking for my sister, mom and dad
is that tremendous amount satisfaction I get when I see their puppy stomachs all puffed 
after eating. 
It means they ate too much because it was too good. 

My sister had asked me to make some pizza along this past week and gladly I decided to do it on a Sunday. 
And yesterday, I decided I would also make a pasta dish, and it was quite obvious which one I was going to choose. I love meatballs. 
This is my second serving. I forgot to take a pic of the first one because I was so hungry taking pictures didn't seem to matter. 

My mom (who is the best mom ever, just so you know.) decided to add olives to her plate. And it looked pretty nice so I took a pic n.n 

Here is the pizza!
Which didn't last long either...

It's a soft crust pizza, personally I like crunchy crust better. But I made this for my baby sister because she is under a lot of stress because she's in examinations week. Which we all know, is quite stressing. So I wanted her to at least forget for one tiny moment about the examinations and delight herself with some good old home cooking. 
And the dough was a combination of me, Jamie Oliver <3 and school. And it turned out quite good. I honestly thought I had screw the yeast over but I didnt n.n my dough rose as if I it'd been sleep deprived and I poured in REDBULL. 
Actually, there was some dough left and it is still rising! Don't know what to do about that... 

Leave a comment! They make me happy!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

I heart Rhubarb & multicoloured Tomatoes

So I made this rhubarb crumble sort of pie the other day. Sunday. And I hadn't been able to take pics of it until today. And when I went to get it o.o surprise surprise! 
Someone... a rhubarb ghost had eaten more than half of the pie! 

I was a little shocked and slightly disappointed. I really wanted to take some delicious looking pictures to show you people! 
Alas... that was not to be. 

However the rhubarb ghost did not get hold of my mini Rhubarb hand pies ;) 

Which were ultimately delicious. 

And then... multicoloured tomatoes pasta!

This pasta is so fragrant I swear someone ought to make a perfume with it! It is sweet and tangy and lemony and tomato-ish. It's exquisite. I really-really loved it. 
It is so good that my boyfriend who is at war with all this healthy (especially veggies!) liked it! 

At my cooking lessons I've had two chefs, one of them, who we will call Chef J is all about styling dishes in a sort of minimalistic way. The other one, Chef Louis, likes things in a more rustic way. 
Now I like both.
However, I do think this pasta is so rustic and beautiful it's a perfect dish for a family reunion. It is so full of colour and flavour and simple joy! It is amazing! Really worth it.

So to make this delicious looking pasta, you'll be needing: Different types of tomatoes, basil, thyme, oregano and marjoram. Salt&Pepper. Olive oil. Balsamic vinegar and butter. Obviously dry pasta too. 

And first think you do is put your cooking water for the pasta and heat it up and add your pasta into it, right? And just as the water begins to evaporate take a small bowl and place your butter along with the herbs and the balsamic vinegar until butter has melted and then squeeze in your tomatoes! And season!
And as soon as your pasta is done add it to your bowl of tomatoes and ENJOY!