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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

I heart Rhubarb & multicoloured Tomatoes

So I made this rhubarb crumble sort of pie the other day. Sunday. And I hadn't been able to take pics of it until today. And when I went to get it o.o surprise surprise! 
Someone... a rhubarb ghost had eaten more than half of the pie! 

I was a little shocked and slightly disappointed. I really wanted to take some delicious looking pictures to show you people! 
Alas... that was not to be. 

However the rhubarb ghost did not get hold of my mini Rhubarb hand pies ;) 

Which were ultimately delicious. 

And then... multicoloured tomatoes pasta!

This pasta is so fragrant I swear someone ought to make a perfume with it! It is sweet and tangy and lemony and tomato-ish. It's exquisite. I really-really loved it. 
It is so good that my boyfriend who is at war with all this healthy (especially veggies!) liked it! 

At my cooking lessons I've had two chefs, one of them, who we will call Chef J is all about styling dishes in a sort of minimalistic way. The other one, Chef Louis, likes things in a more rustic way. 
Now I like both.
However, I do think this pasta is so rustic and beautiful it's a perfect dish for a family reunion. It is so full of colour and flavour and simple joy! It is amazing! Really worth it.

So to make this delicious looking pasta, you'll be needing: Different types of tomatoes, basil, thyme, oregano and marjoram. Salt&Pepper. Olive oil. Balsamic vinegar and butter. Obviously dry pasta too. 

And first think you do is put your cooking water for the pasta and heat it up and add your pasta into it, right? And just as the water begins to evaporate take a small bowl and place your butter along with the herbs and the balsamic vinegar until butter has melted and then squeeze in your tomatoes! And season!
And as soon as your pasta is done add it to your bowl of tomatoes and ENJOY! 



  1. pues esos pies estaban muuuuy buenos y tambien me toco lo sobrante de la pasta que no puedo negar que estaba muuuy buena tmbn :)

  2. n.n yo te amo veggie hater! hahaha XD

  3. Hello my friend. I am now officially a follower!

  4. Mario! YAAY n.n that's such an amazing news! YAY!