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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Sunday = Relaxed meal

One of the best things about cooking for my sister, mom and dad
is that tremendous amount satisfaction I get when I see their puppy stomachs all puffed 
after eating. 
It means they ate too much because it was too good. 

My sister had asked me to make some pizza along this past week and gladly I decided to do it on a Sunday. 
And yesterday, I decided I would also make a pasta dish, and it was quite obvious which one I was going to choose. I love meatballs. 
This is my second serving. I forgot to take a pic of the first one because I was so hungry taking pictures didn't seem to matter. 

My mom (who is the best mom ever, just so you know.) decided to add olives to her plate. And it looked pretty nice so I took a pic n.n 

Here is the pizza!
Which didn't last long either...

It's a soft crust pizza, personally I like crunchy crust better. But I made this for my baby sister because she is under a lot of stress because she's in examinations week. Which we all know, is quite stressing. So I wanted her to at least forget for one tiny moment about the examinations and delight herself with some good old home cooking. 
And the dough was a combination of me, Jamie Oliver <3 and school. And it turned out quite good. I honestly thought I had screw the yeast over but I didnt n.n my dough rose as if I it'd been sleep deprived and I poured in REDBULL. 
Actually, there was some dough left and it is still rising! Don't know what to do about that... 

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