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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

I love my mom...

10 de Mayo is nationally known here in Mexico as Mother's Day. 
And it's not like I like to fall into gigantic sea of people who only say 'I love you' or do special stuff for their mom on this one day. BUT I did take it as an excuse to make a super special cake.

Meet, my fist EVER Layer Cake, which I shall call: 

A Lily's Mini Cake. 

And this is how my mom left it n.n 
She liked it. 

It has 5 layers. 
 The first layer (from bottom to top) is made out of dark chocolate, followed by a Almond-Vanilla one, then another layer of chocolate, then a caramel layer and finally a chocolate and final layer. 
(My mom is crazy about chocolate). 
And it's all covered with dark-milk chocolate ganache. 
Yumm? Right? 

I know it doesn't look all that pretty and beautiful as all the other layer cakes you find it foodgawker, who still WONT accept any of my pics... but its delicious and it was fun to make. 
And would do it again without any amount of hesitation. 

You will notice the ugly spot in my pics... My camara needs cleaning, expected since it is used by a photographer who deals with food before taking the photo... 


  1. what a darling..charming cake !!!!!

    happy to see you at farmhouse kitchen
    and thanks for the kind words

    kary and teddy

  2. Love your cake! Beautiful and really good! Delicious! I love you!


  3. It looks nice, and I´m really sure that it was delicious!!!