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Thursday, 20 May 2010

What is more delicious than fresh strawberries?? Strawberry Gelato of course!!!!

Do I hear your mouth water???

Second post of the day... can you tell I'm really digging this foodblog deal?
Okay so, yesterday I also bought strawberries, the only downside of it... is that I got to eat them like right away before they spoil, which, sometimes is easy and others a bit tricky.
I decided to use half on this icecream and the other half I'll probably use it on another icecream (I'm thinking strawberry-banana) and I also used some blackberries also known as boysenberries to make some kind of sauce-orsomething... 
Which is a fancy touch as you can see. 

Strawberry Icecream 
with Blackberry sauce.

2 cups of very ripe strawberries. 
1/8 cup of milk.
1/2 cup of sour cream. 
1/2 cup of natural yogurt. 
7 tablespoons of sugar or so... 

How you do it? 

1. Well first you mix the cream, yogurt and sugar. Meanwhile, use the blender to pure the strawberries (in order to make this easier also add the milk). 

2. You have to add the strawberry pure a little bit at the time so it blends in correctly. Once you have added the entire pure mix througfully until incorporated.

3. Freeze according to manufacter instructions.

To make the sauce-orsoemthing.

1 cup of very ripe blackberries. 
6 tablespoons of sugar. 
A fork.

1. In a previously frozen bowl pour the blackberries and sugar and crush them with a fork.
As much as you want...



Okay, so if I know you and I like you and you want some... leave me a comment saying you want gelato and I swear I'll make you some!

Rosemary + Olive Oil + Garlic + Pasta = YUMMINES

Like I said... YUMMINES

Today my mom left the kitchen all to my tinyself, needless, to say I felt like experimenting a little. I had read some recipes featuring Rosemary, and have recently read a book that also mentioned this particular plant's scent.  (Beautiful Creatures, if you must know) in the book Rosemary was always acompained by the sweet scent of Lemons. At the time I didn't really think of it as a yummylicious combination, since, for me... the smell of Rosemary has always been a kind of synonym for being sick and feeling awful. I suppose I owe this to my mom, who at some point while I was growing up, became maddly obsessed with what I recall being called JUST and bought just about every possible "scented oil" she could get her hands on.
All this oils she bought had medicinal qualities, so mom always used them when we were sick as hell. A time that when I was young ranged from October to January Cold weather? Idk...
So Rosemary also brings back coldish memories. But mostly it just brings back those sick as hell times when mom went all hippie on me and decided to use oils instead of actual working drugs.

So when I read "The distinctive smell of Rosemary and Lemons in the air..." my first reaction was to frown and say eww (outloud) but as I continued reading I had to somehow change that sickening percepcion I had of Rosemary, cuz the story made it sound so romatic... and sick plus romantic do not mix... except in "A Walk to Remember" but, well, you get my idea, right? So Rosemary could no longer equal sick.

I am sad to say that even after I finished reading the book, Rosemary still didn't smell nice to me.

It took some time to take the next step towards my friendship with Rosemary, about some weeks ago, I encountered some few recipes that featured Rosemary, mosty in convinations like in the book; Lemon & Rosemary or Strawberry & Rosemary or Olive oil + garlic & Rosemary.
I dont think I need to tell you which one struck the most...

So this Wednesday I directed myself to... I'm calling it a stall... a herbs&stuff stall in my market and bought some branches of Rosemary. My mom eyed me worridly, I suppose Rosemary sceant is synonym of sick kids to her, but after giving her my mysterious smile she decided to play along.
Today, I decided to start playing with the beingsickashell smelling plant by making it into a lush ingredient for a pasta.  Which I shall call:

The Legendary Pasta That Made My Perception Of Rosemary Change At Long Last!
Rosemary Garlic Pasta with fresh tomato

You'll be needing:

A small branch of dried Rosemary.
One clove of Garlic.
One tomato.
Olive Oil.
Salt && Pepper.

How you do it?

Well first, depending on which kind of pasta you want to use ( I used fettucini ) you need to cook it according to the box instructions.
So 1. Cook the pasta according to the box instructions.

2. Meanwhile... in a different smaller skillet pour some oilive oil (I counted to five before stopping) and
smash the clove of Garlic and let it brown.
(This was my first time peeling a garlic and I'm so proud I managed to do it without making my fingers smell garlic-y...oh oh is that you asking how I managed to do that??? haha I wont tell not in a million years! Okay if you ask, as long as it comes in a comment, I'll tell ya)

4. Once the Garlic is brownish and cripy, peel the leaves off the Rosemary branch and add them
to the skillet. Turning constantly, because if you dont they burn. After 2 minutes, set aside.

5. Once the pasta is done and you remove the water and everything... place it on top of the Rosmary Olive Olive Oil and Garlic. I don't know if this actually works... but it was my way of making the Pasta hold on to the Rosemary Olive Oil and Garlic scents. Because it smelled DE-LI-CIO-SOOO

5. Know that you have the pasta this way... use it as an advantage to season it (Step in Salt && Pepper) and mix it a bit before tranfering the pasta to the skillet.
Once you've done the transfer put a cap over the pasta allowing once again the smell to really stick to the it. Trust me, this one, does work. When my mom and Val came home from school they were shocked when I took the cap off and allowed the smell out.

6. Chop that tomato and in medium pieces and decorate the pasta with them.