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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Comfort food at its best! Banana && Cream glazed with Honey and Lavender Sugar.

I know! It's been more than a month since my last post! And it's not like I haven't cooked or baked anything because I have which just leaves me with zero excuses so I'm sorry for being such a lousy blogger. 
Lately we've had some seriously messed up days. 
Like seriously no sun AT ALL
and you all know how I feel about that... 

I've been knitting a lot lately. And soon (as soon as I find out a way to divide this blog into sections: cooking, baking, knitting) I will show you and walk you through the joys of knitting I have found for myself. 
But for now! Let me show you the best of the best of 8 o'clock comfort food n.n
OH how satisfying Banana & Cream can be.


This pic is shameful but I wasn't in the mood for taking detailed pictures I just really wanted to delight myself with the deliciousness I had prepared for me and my sister and my mom. 
(And my boyfriend, for whom I'm saving some for tomorrow).


glazed with Honey and Lavender Sugar.

serves approx. 5 cups. 


Three tablespoons of Icing Sugar. 
Four tablespoons of Double Cream.
(good quality Double Cream) 
 Half a Teaspoon of Vanilla Beans.
One Tablespoon of Honey. 
Some Lavender Sugar or Vanilla Sugar. 

Work the Magic. 

1. Pour the Icing Sugar and Double Cream in a big bowl. Add the Vanilla beans and beat energetically. Beat until light and fluffy. 
2. Chop the banana's in chunky slices and add the cream. 
3.Glaze with honey and the sugar. 
 And eat! 

 I promise I'll start blogging frequently soon enough n.n 


  1. I love them and also love you! they are just delicious!

  2. Oh me dejaste un comment n.n oh n.n I LOVE YOU TOO