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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Grilled Lamb Kebabs!

XD at long long last! I bought my lamb and I made some killer kebabs with it. 
Ah yes! I see you have noticed the amazing quality of the photo... yes well after having searched fresh lamb for weeks and complaining to my boyfriend and family about how stupid it was for supermarkets to not have fresh lamb on their meat aisles...
My boyfriend... 

The guy wearing red. 
Thought that this particular post was a little bit more important than others because of the struggle I had to undergo to finally get fresh lamb meat. 
So being the amazing-best-boyfriend-ever dude he is he decided to aid this post with his amazing new digital cam that has this special application for food photographs. 
So prepare yourselves for the best pictures up until now in TheKitchenSeries! 

I never thought I would say this... but meat here looks almost artistic.
But okay! Let us begin with the recipe!

For the Amazing Grilled Lamb Kebabs you are going to need: 

Lamb meat
(if you live outside Mexico City you'll probably find shoulder meat which Jaime says is best)
2 heaped tablespoons fresh thyme leaves.
1 level tablespoon ground chilli pepper.
1 level tablespoon of cumin.
4 level tablespoons sumac, if you can find any, use the zest of one lemon. I used lime.
Sea Salt&&Black Pepper
A good handful of Pistachio Nuts
A few handfuls of mixed salad leaves, such as Romaine, Endive and Arugula.
A small bunch of fresh mint.
1 red onion very finely sliced.
1 lemon.
A bunch of fresh flat-leaf parsley.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
4 large flatbreads or tortilla wraps.
Plain Yogurt.

Ready to begin?

1. Okay first you need to preheat your cooking source.

2. Cut the lamb into small cubes before placing it in the food processor. Now recipe calls for adding the thyme, Chilli, cumin and sumac, little salt and pepper and the pistachios, so that it all gets well mixed together. Since my blender is near the end of her days and too much work makes the kitchen smell like it's burning, I only processed the meat and added the other ingredients by hand. 

I did use the blender for the pistachios though...

There you go.  Nice and mixed. 

2. Okay, now according to the amount of meat you have you need to divide it into the amount of Kebabs you want. Whether you want 4 to be really generous or many more without being so generous. It's all about how you feel and who you are cooking for. 
So grab a skewer and with damp hands, push and shape the meat around and along each skewer.

This is me Grilling the Kebabs in my mom's messy kitchen. 

3. Now, in a bowl mix the salad leaves and mint. In another, combine the sliced onion with a squeeze of lemon juice and some salt and pepper.  Scunch this all together with your hands and then add the parsely leaves.

Doesn't the Parsely look healthy and beautifully green? n.n

5. Grill your kebabs until they are nicely golden on all sides. And dress your salad leaves with a splash of extra virgin olive oil, a squeeze of lemon juice ( I used lime) and little salt and pepper. Meanwhile, warm your flatbreads for 30 seconds on your griddle pan, then divide between plates and top each with some dressed salad leaves and onion.  When the kebabs are cooked, slip them off the skewers onto the flatbreads and toss the salad leaves the kebabs on top of the flatbreads and drizzle with some of that yogurt. 

6. Roll it up and eat!

Did you know that videos take forever to upload?

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