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Thursday, 11 August 2011

**sigh** So what? Right?!

"So What" from Pink has to be the anthem for all of us brokenhearted girls. Nice to get it out like that. Sorry if I have shocked you with such straightforwardness. 
 Last Monday my chest was cut opened and my heart ripped out, then thrown on the floor and stumped on. I think he even spit on it a bit. 

Remember that awesome boyfriend I so often post about? Hell the post bellow this one is a clear example of all the love I feel for him. I often brag about how amazing and blah-blah-blah he was to me and silly little things like that. And... I am not trying to romantize my previous relationship or anything, but it was. He was sweet and awesome and stuff... until he broke up with me. 
In a most gentleman-ish way ¬ ¬
I gave him three years of my life, almost four, and what I got in return was an untitled notepad document that consisted in almost four lines in which at least two and a half were made out of never-ending ellipsis...
Talk about true love, right? 
Anyway. Let's not get all sad and angry on my account. You came because of the awesome pasta picture on the top and so I introduce to you: 

The Spinach Wonder. 

Fettuccine seasoned with a lil' bit of garlic, white wine, honey mustard and nice mushy spinach. With a little salt and pepper and cheese   

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  1. The word delicious does it no justice <3