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Monday, 11 July 2011

Vacations + love + distance = Ican'twaittoseeyou Muffins

Right... so I am in love... a lot of people know that. But to those of you that don't I am very much in love
and though I would like to say that I am in love with cooking and baking and eating (which, don't get me wrong to a certain degree I am) I am more in love with a guy. 
A guy I've known for a long-long time. 
And though he may sometimes unleash the man-eating-beast inside of me he always manages to reduce the wrath before I increase my fun size and begin destroying the city and eating innocent people... 

I went to Houston for a couple of days and my boyfriend was in Austin during that same time, expect he got to stay a couple of more days there. Work related stuff. And I came home and I was sort of missing him today and the day before and the day before that and the day before that, so in a very much predictable way, I decided to bake my missingness away n.n 
And it worked! 
Part of my success may be because he is coming back tomorrow xD and the other because this muffins were sinfully glorious! 

A banana-white chocolate muffin with white chocolate topping xD
Yum, right? 


  1. A muffin born from the passions of love!

  2. Oh Mario! To see this was my last post really makes me want to grab a knife and stab my computer screen...