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Friday, 18 March 2011

Cooking Lessons and Food Styling

Okay, so I began taking this cooking lessons at a small cooking school near home. 
Up until now, I hadn't been particularly proud of anything I had made (given that I am still in basic cooking course) but today I was stunned. 

I styled this by myself n.n I loved it!

I'm sorry the pics don't look better but I took this with my mobile, so... 

Let me know what you think? 


  1. Hi Andie! I am visiting your blog and wanted to leave you a comment. I too write a blog, sdo I know how precious the comments are. I love your enthusiasm. You have a zest for life that comes pouring through your words. Your mobil pics look great and congratulations on a nice presentation. You are also so real. The cimmanom rolls look so delicious. thanks for sharing that the first batch were burnt and the second ones sublime. I am from California and I write a blog on Love and relationships told through stories of Food, cooking and recipes. Sometimes vice versa. Please visit. And please consider becoming a Follower. That would be cool. Keep up the writing and the cooking.