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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Horchata de Arroz and a goodbye to LOST

Okay, first things first, I wanna apologize to anyone who had been expecting this post yesterday u.u but once LOST started I couldn't back away from the tv. to do anything else.
Speaking about LOST... how devastated are you? Even if you didn't like the show, even if you hated the ending, or if you loved the ending, or if you didn't understand the ending! A lot of people don't get that for a tv program LOST went all the way and back, it was the first American show to feature such an international cast, the first show to be --sometimes, half in subtitles!
It was different than anything that had been aired up until then and in ended as it started (in my opinion at least) with a big bang and slightly difficult to understand, wanting to see where the hell did they ended going to, much like the pilot.  So yeah, LOST was crazy, difficult to understand, raised more questions than answers, but it was AWESOME!
How often do you come across a show that is so freaking mysterious AND magical AND confusing AND amazing at the same time!? Let's face it! LOST was and has been the best show of its genre and it will be for a long while.
 And, at least for me... it's a little bittersweet to know I wont end up yelling WTF just happened?!  at the end of a show. 
And yes, as for the question I asked before I said all that... I am quite devastated. 

Okay, having said that I will proceed to tell you that Horchata is the easiest thing to do! Dare I say even easier than a Lemonade?  Indeed I do. No more buying those disgusting dusty things or the pre-made yucky stuff. Or going to the nearest Michoacana to buy one! NO SIR! From this day forward, you want Horchata? You want a refreshing relive from the God awful suffocating heat? You put one cup of rice in two cups of water and let it settle for an hour!

Horchata de Arroz. 

You'll need: 

1 cup of long grain white rice.
2 cups of water. 
half a can of condensed milk. 
2 cups of cold water with cinnamon. 
1/2 cup of sugar. 
2 teaspoons of vanilla. 

How you do it? 

1. If you read the post, you will have notice that I said put one cup of rice in two cups of water in order to do the Horchata. So there you go, your first step is to put one cup of rice in two cups of water and let it rest for about an hour, if you can leave it longer I suppose it works best. But you have to leave it there for AT LEAST an hour. 

2. Pour the wet rise (and the water) into the blender along with the vanilla and sugar. And, as always, let the blender work it's magic, this time for 1 minute, then pulse for about 40 seconds. 

3. Strain into a pitcher. Add 2 cups of cold water and the evaporated milk. 

4. Stir well and serve over ice

And there you go!! Fresh Homemade Horchata for this awfully hot days in Mexico City. 

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