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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Grouper fillets in lemony buttery ice-wine sauce w/ bananas.

Ah! Butter! 
I love butter there is no secret about that. 
I love butter because it has a way of making everything so delicious and it basically goes with almost every type of food. What a wonderful thing, right? Butter. 
It even sounds nice. 
I am going butter crazy!

Anyway, YES, this fish fillet has butter, but it is not the secret ingredient that makes the sauce so delicious. What I've done to make this ultra delicious and unique is 
instead of using regular boring white wine... I've gone an extra mile and used: 
(which I also love) 
and BAM 
I got this really-really good sauce. 
But I didn't want my fish fillet to be so boring, I mean, it was great, don't get me wrong, but it still missed something, like that little idkwhat that so often hunts when you are cooking something.
A little something extra...

Grouper fillet in lemony buttery ice-wine sauce
with Bananas.  

4 Grouper Fish Fillets. 
Olive Oil. 
Ice Wine.
Salt && Pepper.
Lemon juice. 

Work my magic: 

1. Okay, as you know I am a huge fan of seasoning and this fish fillets aren't the exception, although this seasoning is a tiny bit different than the ones I have been doing lately. 
First of all I made the sauce first. So, put a little bit of olive oil in a small bowl along with the ice wine (or white wine) stir that a bit and place the fillets one by one inside.and let them stay there a while. 

2. Meanwhile heat a skillet and melt a small piece of butter and lemon juice. Let it simmer for a while and use this time to take the fillets out of the sauce and place small pieces of butter and few drops of lemon juice in one side. Fold it carefully before seasoning it with Salt and pepper on one side only. 

3. Remember we want the fish to be soft and juice. So it is vital you try to keep butter from dripping out of the folded fish. 
Once the skillet is hot enough place the fish on it a and cook it on one side around a minute and then turn it over and leave it there another minute or so. 

4. Now, the sauce in which me "marinated" the fillets is going into that hot skillet along with chopped bananas. 
Let them simmer and take in the juices from the fish and the sauce. 
Around 4 minutes, or until they are so tender they almost break when you touch them. 

5- Serve and pour into the different dishes whatever is left of the sauce n.n and if you wanna look real fancy cut some very thing slices of lemon and use them as garnish n.n 


  1. u.u no alcance u.u

    pero espero q me hagas unos un dia d estos pishili

    :) I LOVE YOUU

  2. my fav by far!