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Thursday, 1 July 2010

I love colored tomatoes!

I love tomatoes. I do. I really really do. But what I love more than tomatoes? COLORED tomatoes! 
Just a few weeks back I learned that the usual red tomato me and my mom bought wasn't the only type of tomato. So we asked our local tomato-farmer guy to get us some. 
Strangely though, he said that people in Mexico don't buy any other type of tomatoes other than the usual red one. Which is kind of sad, really. 
But Anyway... 

Yesterday, while we were making time to get my little sister from school, we went to this supermarket near her school and the Gods decided to smile down upon us and blessed us with...
Aha! You got that right!
Color tomatoes! 

And of course I had to do a pasta. So stop being boring and try some new colored, new flavored tomatoes!
Go diversity!


You will be needing: 

A wide variety of different colored tomatoes. 
Suck as: 

Tiger Tomato
Teacup Yellow Tomato
Golden Tomato
Jubilee Tomato  
Your usual Red Balloon Tomato 

I used 2 of each. 

Which ever kind of Pasta you are fond of. I used Fusilli Pasta. 
The juice of one LEMON.
A handful of Basil. 
One Clove of Italian Garlic. . 
Shredded Mozzarella. 
Olive Oil.

Let's get it started, yeah? 

1. Cook the pasta according package instructions. Preferably until AL DENTE.
2. Make a cross cut on the top of your tomatoes. Drizzle some Olive oil on them. half of the lemon juice and of course finish it with Salt and pepper. 

3. Once your pasta is cooked set it aside and place a generous chunk of butter on it and let the heat 
melt it. Season with Salt&&Pepper and just drizzle of few drops of lemon juice. 

4. Now, as you all oven does not work, so if you have a working oven (which I envy) you might want to preheat it. I don't know exactly at what degrees or how long but don't take too much time nor a really  hot temperature. You just want it to be slightly hot. 
I, preheated my "wannabeovenapn" and drizzled some olive oil and left heat up for 2 minutes on very low heat. 
Once that minute as gone by place all your tomatoes on (the wannabeovenpan or your oven friendly pan) and using that cross cut we made just shove some of the mozzarella into the tomatoes.  Add the clove of garlic and the Basil, and leave it to rest for 20 minutes. 

5. When the cheese has melted and you get this really delicious smell coming from whatever kitchen supply you are working on it will be a sign to add the pasta. 

Before adding the pasta, pour the remaining juice of the lemon and just stir the tomatoes and their juices around. Add the pasta and cover it with the remaining cheese and season again slightly. 
Leave it there for another 10 minutes then serve hot. 

And it's magic. 


  1. se ve buenisima!! se la hare a mi madre que le encanta la pasta jajaja

  2. se ve muy bonita, pero creo que sabe mejor.